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  • toutjourslapipe toutjourslapipe Mar 27, 2012 6:33 PM Flag

    why do poster Fun's messages


    in which he discusses fundamental issues at DuPont always result
    in a torrent of ad hominem abuse and little or no discussion of
    the issues raised by Mr Fun.
    Fun's abusers must be a pack of low IQ scoundrels uninterested in
    debate of issues facing DD's shareholders.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Yahoo hauled out the trash a few times today for fan of fun...Just like they did with a few of eastmoors posts a few weeks ago...

    • Here's an idea. How about this board be about DD? Not personalities, aliases, spam, political and religious proclamations. I own DD and want to know where it may be going and why. There are plenty of really bright people here who can contribute that.

      • 1 Reply to juanruiz1330
      • juanruiz,

        You need to address you question to the unprincipled DuPont employees and DuPont Managers who continue to harass and disrupt the board and evade discussion of DuPont issues.

        The undersigned for years has attempted to put forth ideas and data on DuPont matters, but has been constantly harassed and systematically hectored by dishonest and abusive DuPont employees and masked agents!

        Ms. Kullman, call of YOUR DuPont employee trash!

        The sleazy creeps telling us they work for DuPont as DuPont employees and DuPont Managers are making YOU LOOK BAD and DUPONT LOOK BAD over the internet, with their profanities, their filth-talk, their lying, their harassment and abuse of outside critics and writers.

        Furthermore, your unprincipled DuPont trash is making YOU LOOK BAD and DUPONT LOOK BAD to...

        * DuPont customers and potential customers,

        * DD shareholders and investors, and

        * The public at large!


    • Fan of fun fun, you really need to be banned from this board. I really hope someone turns you in for your vulgarity.

    • Mr. “Toutjourslapipe”, you ask a good question. The answer is Mr. Fun’s here to bash DD, not discuss or debate. Look at the examples in the “DuPont Executives SELL DD HEAVILY!” thread Mr. Fun initiated. Note first how Mr. Fun dramatizes stock sells by two DD officers, but fails to tell us the whole story. He certainly could have looked at the same SEC info Mr. Smart kindly provided afterward before releasing his “headline” post. He’d surely have seen the option activity and surmised, like the rest of us, that the sales were not extraordinary. He’d have seen Mr. Connelly still directly holds 181769 shares, even after selling 28781 shares, and Mr. Borel still directly holds 130430 shares after selling 19177 shares. So, neither sale represents the significant divestiture one would expect if DD is doomed, as his posts slant, by the “issues” he raises. Mssrs. Connelly and Borel (and other DD officers/directors, who’d also know if disaster’s imminent) had the chance to legally sell far more shares than they did, yet they didn’t act.

      Note Mr. Fun’s reaction when I pointed this out. He immediately resorted to name calling, ignoring my questions/points. He accused me of smearing MON, when all I did was mention some “issues” they face as potential reasons for Mr. Grant’s much LARGER sale of MON stock. Finally, he quickly started a new thread to bury my comments exposing the omissions in his post (even though he says he’s here to discuss/debate). All are actions of a basher. You’re “new” here, so you may not know Mr. Fun regularly brings up issues about DD on OTHER stock message boards. When confronted by posters on those boards who say his DD posts are off-topic, he reminds them it’s important to understand one’s competitors to properly evaluate a stock. It’s rather puzzling and hypocritical then for him to complain when we mention MON and other DD competitors here, don’t you think?

      Mr. “T” (you don’t mind if I call you “T”, do you?), perhaps you should debate Mr. Fun yourself, rather than chide us for not doing so. Of course, you’ll need to determine what Mr. Fun’s position on an issue actually is before you can take an opposing stand for debate. That’s difficult to do since he contradicts himself so often. For example, in his reply to me he chastises DD for their “towering unfunded pension liabilities of ca. $10B”, yet just a sentence later he accuses DD of robbing employees of pensions his previous sentence implies DD currently can’t sustain. A sentence later he rails against DD dumping top-line revenues as it auctions a business, even though the proceeds could be used to shore up the pension liabilities he abhors. Why, after reading that one might think Mr. Fun wanted DD to collapse and put all hardworking DuPonters (Mr. Fun says he’s already retired on pension) onto the street!

      You see, Mr. “T”, Mr. Fun is never satisfied with anything DD does. Yet he NEVER proposes a carefully thought out, detailed SOLUTION or ALTERNATIVE that might help DuPonters or serve as a basis for pro-con arguments in a real debate for anything he complains about. As you can see from these examples, Mr. Fun’s behavior is not that of a person who wants to debate despite what he says here. It is the behavior of a basher. A basher like Mr. Fun can’t afford to have his image tarnished if he hopes to influence readers. That’s why Mr. Fun gets so upset and quickly changes subjects when posters here point out inconsistencies, contradictions, omissions, distortions, and logic errors in his posts. We so-called “shills” have found that trying to rationally discuss “issues” with a basher only enhances his credibility/image and provides him with fodder, something most here are not willing to do.

    • Quel tabac fumez-vous?

    • I'm still laughing 'Mr. funfun'.
      Toutjourslap, are you kidding???? You do have a great sense of humor. And to add legitimacy to this new clone, he has 10 ratings. You poor, poor fun fun sat up all night hitting your new clone with ratings. You really are hilarious and for this effort, I give you an A+. Where the hell is labdirector?? Come on fun, dust him off and bring him back.
      Toutjourslap, that is funny and to boot, he respects you 'Mr. fun'. You do know you will not live down this 'Mr fun' stuff. What, you got this clone in chains?

    • funtard is a danger to what we stand for posting too many negative facts which should never be brought up and posted for non dupont people to see---duponts' private business like how Imprellis is handled internally by our experts !!!!

    • Funnut,

      No one calls Funnut "Mr. Fun" but his aliases and alters.

      Nice try Funnut, but you were busted on your 1st try!

    • Attention: MON shill troll alert!!!! "ad hominem" is a funfundvierZIG phrase....

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