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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Dec 9, 2012 2:26 PM Flag

    Fisher's Fishy DuPont Sustainability Progress Report

    Cotton Candy PR Piece Omits the Real DuPont Environmental Footprint


    Good Afternoon, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buenas Noches,

    Readers, a few days ago, some of you may have seen it, Linda J. Fisher, DuPont's Chief Sustainability Officer (whatever that means) and her über boss, DuPont Chieftess Ellen Kullman, doused the media with a glowing 2012 Sustainability Progress Report, Nov. 29, 2012.

    The DuPont duo boasted about their world-class "Sustainability Solutions" and bragged bombastically that their "holistic fully integrated into our business model" (whatever that means).

    Trouble is this tiresome twosome conspicuously forgot to mention DuPont's humungous environmental footprint, namely tree-killing Imprelis. This eco-disaster is on display in thousands of home yards, school grounds, church landscapings, and country clubs across a large swath of the nation: Dead and dying trees by the hundreds of thousands destroyed by DuPont's falsely, if not fraudulently marketed "very environmentally friendly" turf dandelion herbicide Imprelis. Total eventual Imprelis losses will likely total in the $billions. Some "footprint".

    Moreover, this oil-hating duet failed to mention the super abundance of freshly found petroleum within the borders of the United States. In a recent report, the International Energy Agency makes a credible projection that within eight years the U. S. will surpass Saudi Arabia as the largest producer of oil and gas in the world. That could make DuPont's costly corn cob "gasoline" and bad-mileage ethanol manufactured out of food, such as wheat, well...UN-Sustainable.

    Don't you just love the DuPlicitous DuPont and its silly self-promoting executives?

    Merely THE SUNDAY SIZE-UP digitally penned by one retail investor and long-time student of the dissimulating DuPont...funfun..

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    • Speaking of notable "Sustainability", Ms. Fisher for some reason ignores the progress of Sustainability when it comes to the "Sustained" growth of the compensation of her boss, DuPont's $15 million-a-year Chieftess, Ellen J. Kullman and her richly rewarded TEAM of circa 100 DuPont Presidents and Vice Presidents and the like.

      Despite their serial blunders and bumbling [Imprelis, Tell Us!], Ms. Kullman and her ninth floor ninnies are the recipients of "Sustained" rewards in return for a grossly uninspiring sub-performance.

      Folks, nothing succeeds like failure at the 21st century DuPont. Unfortunately for shareholder value, that's "UNSUSTAINABLE".


    • Nor, folks, does this dissimulating duo of Ms. Fisher & Ms. Kullman ever mention in their PR piece that in 2012 the West Virginia court-appointed C8 Science Panel wrapped up their extensive six year studies and found a linkage from exposure to DuPont's extraordinarily toxic Teflon chemical C8 or PFOA with...

      * Testicular cancer

      * Kidney cancer

      * Thyroid disease

      * Preclampsia, extreme high blood pressure in pregnant women.

      * Higher levels of cholesterol

      * Ulcerative colitis

      Talk about "Sustainability" in whopping potential legal liabilities! DuPont is now on the hook for:

      (A) An additional $230 million for medical monitoring per the settlement of the class action brought by 100,000 C8-contaminated residents, and

      (B) Potential liabilities from individual tort actions brought by sickened victims in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

      Another DuPont generated environmental disaster brought to you by DuPont's toxic Management conveniently omitted from this year's fluff-filled "DuPont Sustainability Progress Report".


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