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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Jan 16, 2013 10:12 AM Flag

    DuPont & FRAUD!

    Threats of Legal Action Against Blogger Re-Launched by DuPont Management Advocates & Apologists!

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Ni Hao,

    Readers, you gotta laugh. It looks like DuPont Management may be outsourcing its internet PR damage control to some cut-rate outfit somewhere in Asia manned by illiterates in tiny cubicles. One of their number has not so subtly threatened the undersigned because we dare to characterise the misconduct of DuPont officials and the Company in certain circumstance as FRAUD.

    Well, it is not us making this up.

    * Thousands of Imprelis claimants have alleged just that in lawsuits over their hundreds of thousands of dead trees. They cogently accuse DuPont and certain named DuPont executives of, yes. FRAUD, consumer FRAUD violating state statutes and common law FRAUD.

    * In December Judge Richard Wright of the U. S. District Court of Missouri disclosed that DuPont had committed FRAUD AGAINST THE COURT. The Judge also ruled that DuPont had engaged in DEFRAUDING investors and the public at large in its theft and use of Monsanto's superior patented seed technology.

    * DuPont has admitted to criminal price-fixing and paid tens of $millions in fines and penalties. Anyone think that is not FRAUD?

    Bottom-line, the DuPont Company we know so well is nothing short of FRAUD-infested and no one is going to suppress our right as a citizen at large and DD shareholder to speak up and opine about it. And "it" is FRAUD.

    Merely the morning commentary of one individual investor and long-time student of the DuPont Company corrupt to the core...funfun..

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    • Readers, it is now pretty obvious why the undersigned was targeted in the past 48 hours at various internet sites by dirty-operating shills and surrogates of DuPont Management. These abusive hecklers threatened us with groundless legal action, in particular, crippling lawsuits claiming defamation and libel.

      Knowing this extremely embarrassing shareholder's derivative action was coming this week in the U. S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware against DuPont's derelict Directors and the mismanaging DuPont Chieftess Ellen J. Kullman, these shills tried in vain to shut us down and shut us up. They wanted no discussion of this case which will highlight the fraud and malmanagement embedded in this chemical conglomerate corrupt to the core. These shills demand CENSORSHIP & SILENCE, no exchanges between concerned investors and DD shareholders on critical issues affecting the value of DuPont shares. What a sick operation in Fortress Wilmington! What a huge waving RED FLAG to investors.


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      • "it is now pretty obvious why the undersigned was targeted in the past 48 hours at various internet sites by dirty-operating shills and surrogates of DuPont Management."

        YOU ARE INSANE or DEMENTED at best!

        You've stalked your former employer for a decade now - at least your insanity has brought us many laughs. You don't have a poster of the joker in your trailer bedroom, do you?

        And you're still using the "we were CENSORED" lines --- what a lark!

        I think I might need to open up a Motley Fool account just to keep you from spreading vicious LIBEL there too.

    • This dumb nut just gets dumber.

    • truth will prevail unless enough money hits the right pockets.

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      • Sputnick,

        Even one or two of DuPont LEGAL's little known lawyers from little known schools knows that the TRUTH is a defence to spurious charges of libel or defamation. We have consistently provided an abundance of verifiable facts and publicly documented information and references to support our commentaries and opinions. We have no personal animus against any individual DuPont official or executive. We simply believe we have a right to call 'em out on their performance as hired hands of the owners, DD shareholders.

        Some time ago, when we were threatened over the internet with legal action and libel by a constant and vicious heckler who openly disclosed she was a DuPont employee working for DuPont, we prudently contacted two foundations/organisations, one on the left, one on the right, dedicated to preserving freedom of expression in America. If DuPont Management or their agents are sufficiently stupid to haul us, a mere blogger, into court on charges of "libel", we promise a very ferocious, very public legal counter-attack!

        In our opinion, the hyper-sensitivity and secrecy that shrouds Fortress Wilmington means there are tonnes of crippling cover-ups in place; nothing good.


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