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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Jan 18, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    Fraud-Mongering Bites DuPont Directors & Chieftess Kullman!

    DD Shareholder Demands They Pay For Gross Mismanagement & Perpetrating Fraud!

    Readers, recall the words of Walter Scott,

    Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practice to deceive.

    Keeping all those lies in the air is creating tremendous tension in Fortress Wilmington these days, particularly after one DD shareholder got fed up and filed a derivative lawsuit ( filing for the benefit of the corporation, DuPont, of which he owns a share) on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013.

    In his complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware, shareholder Robert Zomolosky demanded that Ms. Kullman and the derelict DuPont Directors she rules as "Chair" to pay the damages from DuPont’s colossal loss from stealing and using Monsanto's superior patent-protected seed technology. The federal jury award in the Monsanto patent infringement case, the third-biggest in 2012, could balloon to $3 billion because the arrogant actions of DuPont and its officious officials were so egregious and deliberate.

    Mr. Zomolosky avers,

    “The DuPont Board lost sight of its mandate and its responsibilities, and acquiesced in unlawful legal maneuvers and deceptive public statements in conscious disregard of its obligations."

    Indeed and in fact, Judge Richard Wright in the Monsanto case has ruled that a dirty-dealing DuPont not only knowlingly perpetrated FRAUD ON THE COURT, but defrauded investors and the public as well!

    The moat around Fortress Wilmington is in dire need of a rapid draining, folks! The stench is overpowering.

    Merely the morning comments and opinion of one individual investor and citizen at large...funfun..

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    • "The stench is overpowering."

      You can say that again. The tuna fish fumes seeping out of the 9th floor smell like a port-a-john on a warm day near the DE beaches.

      It could be worse, though, We could have to endure that same smell from the postings of the now departed heckler from the rundown DuPont Ag&Nut factory. Let's be thankful for that!

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      • The postings and ad hominem attacks from this abusive heckler, an avowed DuPont employee in DuPont AG, must have gotten so outrageously foul and sleazy, not to mention illiterate, that her Management recalled her from PR damage control. In short, she became a keen embarrassment even for DuPont's arrogant, tone-deaf executives, her superiors. ...funfun..

    • Fun

      Just some inside dope but rumors are flying around about more furloughs to save money to pay for these lawsuits. How about a new CEO and Board???? It would take them a decade or so but they could fix what Chad and Smellen have ruined.

      Now more than ever we need the Chinese to finally buy this shipwreck, fire Smellen and the 100 VPs, get rid of those asinine diversity programs, and then run this company for greater good and not to pad the pockets of these politician-executives!

    • Readers & Felllow DD Shareholders,

      Here is a list of the defendants individually named by Robert Zomolosky in his shareholder derivative lawsuit requesting a jury trial:

      Ellen Kullman, Lois D. Juliber, Curtis J. Crawford, Richard H. Brown, Eleuthere I. Du Pont, Marillyn A. Hewson, Robert A. Brown, Bertrand P. Collomb, Alexander M. Cutler, Lee M. Thomas, Lamberto Andreotti, Thomas L. Sager, William K. Reilly, Samuel W. Bodman, John T. Dillion and EI DuPont De Nemours and Company.

      Amusingly, DuPont's own General Counsel & Senior Vice President, Tommie Sager, is named. Tommie heads up DuPont LEGAL, and is the guiding light and inspiration for hundreds of DuPont's little lawyers from little known schools.

      From media reports over the years, it appears to us that Tommie Sager has been far more obsessed with advancing multi-culturalism and affirmative action than making sure DuPont and its unethical Management operates within the rule of law.


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      • Fun

        Tommie Sager has botched this Monsanto issue (not to mention Spelter, WV and others) soooooooo badly that he makes Stacey Mobley look like a good General Counsel.

        DuPont's been so consumed by advancing diversity that they don't hire any good while male firms anymore. No wonder why this company gets its jock handed to them every time they go to court.

        We can only hope Mr. Zomolosky wins big in court on behalf of DuPont shareholders. This will make that $77 million Benlate settlement look like chump change.

        Throw in the lies over Imprelis and now we're talking big money!

      • looks like he got the whole gang. unfortunately stk holders will have to foot their legal bill and the best of the best is all that will be allowed to defend the crooks.

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