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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig May 19, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    New Graduates, See the DuPont Workplace RIght Here!

    New Graduates,

    Having been schooled for many years, do you want to embark upon your career at a place which values and respects you as an INDIVIDUAL?

    Consider that DuPont touts as one of its deep-down CORE VALUES, "Respect for the Individual".

    BUT, the proudly self-disclosed DuPont employees and Managers operating in these Yahoo! forums exhibit the exact opposite through their maltreatment and hostility towards outside commentators and their hateful intolerance of differing perspectives.


    * Profanity-laced personal attacks, and threats,
    * Homophobic filth,
    * Confusing look-alike posts, stealing others' identities,
    * Libeling and lying about a writer's background,
    * Childish unprofessional grade school insults,

    Manifestations of "Respect for the Individual"?

    We don't think so.

    Consider also, in the tightly controlled, highly hierarchical environment of the DuPont bureaucracy, no one represents DuPont, speaks publicly on DuPont matters as a self-identified DuPont employee or DuPont Manager, unless he or she has the tacit, if not express approval of his or her superior up the chain of command. What does that tell you about the workplace at DuPont? Volumes! Animosity and nastiness prevail, if you dare step out of line and think for yourself, or have an ethical reservation!

    Think about working for 3M or Monsanto, or BASF or some other place with some humanity and decency for your sake.

    Merely our opinion and individual perspective...funfun..

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    • I think new graduates here have already discovered Fun-Nut has no core values and can no longer think rationally as a individual. His long term pattern has been established and due to a unhealthy lifestyle and age, dementia is obvious. He got a hard on when DuPont fired him over a decade ago and refused to move on in life. Simply my Sunday size-up. Smart

    • New Graduates, as you can see predictably from the hostile heckling and harassment below, these are some of the petty, deep-down nasty creeps you may be working with or worse yet, reporting to as your supervising Manager. Cluelessly, they are putting on an in-your-face exhibition of the stress and strife in the DuPont workplace environment. Morale is pretty terrible according to social media exchanges we have seen.

      Ask yourself, how much genuine opportunity for professional and financial advancement will there be in a stifling atmosphere of severe cost-slashing and shrinkage.

      And, above all, don't get caught attempting to think for yourself, or possessing an ethical reservation about a corporate issue or cover-up! Degradation is the name of the game for regular DuPonters.


    • Oh, and speaking of respect and people treatment, just look at my early posts if you want to see how I treated folks when I worked there---you name it-diversity of colour, handicap, medical issues, size, beauty, mentality, educational level & 2nd & third tier college one got that degree from, job promotion, I just LOVED to put down women, folks of color & nationality, and sexual orientation. So if you want to work for a corporation that kicked me to the curb years ago because I felt superiour and in no way responsible to hold ALL people equal to myself, well, have at it. When you start taking about how well DD treats you, I'll add you to my shill list for sure.

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      • P.S. Of course 100 percent of my posts were created as a parody, not meant to be taken seriously. Ha. Ha. College graduates, are you intelligent enough to wonder why ANY DD investor, retiree, or current employee might want to call me out for my half truths and outrageous lies? I myself have multiple degrees from the best of the best colleges but I never took common sense 101, so maybe you can help me out here.

    • Folks,

      One more thing.

      This is NOT to say that we wouldn't love our job at DuPont back. In fact, we'd gladly rejoin if only DuPont would hire back PhD chemists that they fired in 2002. We were able to loaf around, do a few mindless experiments weekly, text on our blackberry, and otherwise pass away the day with a nice paycheck, 401K match, and medical.

      Yep, given the choice, readers, we'd jump back on the DuPont wagon, in spite of what we gripe about here, just to be employed again.

      Merely our straight-shooter opinion this time...funfun..

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