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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Jun 25, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    Ms. Kullman's Clownish Interview With Cramer!

    DuPont Chieftess Spins Cotton Candy & Hawks Her Corn Cob Gasoline and Corn Clothes, Carpets!

    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend,

    Investors, how desperate is Ms. Kullman to fool Wall Street and Main Street with her PR pablum? Desperate enough to show up on Jim Cramer's entertainment tonight show with all its clown-like clamouring and noxious noises.

    Not unpredictably, the gushing Cramer peddled DuPont as a maker of 50-year old Kevlar and some sort of, get this, "unconventional scientific problem solver". He shameless lauded DuPont as "solving customer problems". Ask Imprelis-damaged claimants how well DuPont's stonewalling and chiselling Management is "solving their problems." As we foresaw, the timorous Cramer did not dare query the cool Ms. Kullman on the greatest new product failure and environmental disaster in 21st century corporate America--DuPont's serial tree-killer Imprelis. A $2 or $3 billion BOO-YA! Not a word about this massive consumer FRAUD executed by DuPont Management and commanded by his idol, Ms. Kullman.

    Ms. Kullman was interviewed at her new "DuPont innovation Center" in Des Moines, Iowa, and bragged about her commercially unproven and costly DuPont corn cob "gasoline". She vaguely claimed this corn cob fuel will help "fuel" top-line growth (Yeah, right).

    Ms. Kullman cited her enzymes as a "growth"-driver, "leveraging integrated science for tremendous opportunities." She neglected to mention that her now dismembered Danisco for which she overpaid $7 billion has been subsumed into the fiefdoms of a couple of big DuPont bosses, and plays a pronounced second fiddle to world leader in enzymes and food additives, Novozymes, S. A.

    At times, the gawky Chieftess sounded like a mall chick, punctuating her superficial and glib comments with numerous "you know", "you know". Hardly inspiring to investors and would-be DD shareholders.

    Merely the observations of one individual retail investor and DD shareholder...funfun..

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    • You are such a Puhtz

    • Ms. Kullman last words to Funfundvierzig ...
      "Well you know, you can't sit in the bathroom and email things ... but guess what? You know ... you're fired"

      Is that why, "you know" is forever burned in your #$%$?

    • truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred truth_is_the_mother_of_hatred Jun 26, 2013 10:31 AM Flag

      Other than that , slick, how did you like the interview?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Readers,

      With almost buffoonish bluster, Cramer shouts that DuPont is an "Innovation Powerhouse". But where are the high-profit new product blockbusters and breakthrough technologies from the once fabled R & D labs of the now severely cost-slashed and shrunken DuPont?

      The last two much touted "innovations" in the DuPont AG arena alone have been massive, multi-$billion commercial failures:

      * Tree-killing DuPont Imprelis.

      * DuPont OptimumGAP, the GM trait which cannot be planted alone by farmers in their fields without risk.

      DuPont's much ballyhooed corn cob gasoline, costly bad-mileage ethanol from corn stover, stripping hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland of rich organic material and winter feedstock for animals, is hardly exciting, nor are clothes and carpets manufactured out of expensive food (corn).


    • Fun

      It's been well-known within DuPont that most of the brains and knowhow in Danisco jumped ship when they realized that your dire warnings about life inside the Teflon Curtain was life-sapping. Many of the brains left for Novozymes and even BASF when they realized life in DuPont would lead to career gangrene.

      The world-classless "leadership" of Smellen YOU KNOW Cull-men impresses few outside of the gushing Cramer

      • 2 Replies to fan_of_funfun
      • Be careful of following the "masses" fan. Remove the "m" and you will discover exactly who you are following sir.

        Merely a decade long commentary and observation.......Smart

      • " Many of the brains left for Novozymes and even BASF..." I'm not sure about BASFand cannot verify, but where do you get your information of Danisco employees leaving for Novozymes? There have been only two hired at Novozymes from Danisco during the early stages of the buyout. Others left Danisco but hired on at much smaller companies with smaller responsibilities. Some of this has been verified in various media publications, but no where have I heard your claims. It would be nice to know where your "well known" facts come from, or if you're just grandstanding, I'd like to know that also.

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