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E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Message Board

  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Jul 26, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    Malaise in Morale At Broken-Down DuPont

    Tens of Thousands of Regular DuPonters Have a Vocational Rope Around Their Necks!

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buenos Dias,

    Readers, stressed-out DuPont Chieftess Ellen J. Cull-Men made it perfectly clear this week: she is emotionally and truculently determined to parade and charade her identity-confused conglomerate as exclusively a "world-class" "food, fuel, and protection" boutique. To that end, she will very likely ditch TIO2, Teflon, and various acids and chemicals.

    But it won't stop there; it can't. What's next? Ancient DuPont "Building Innovations" like plastic Corian (the look of the 1980's) and Tyvek? The struggling, mismanaged DuPont Electronics? Other ineptly-run DuPont Materials? and DuPont UnProfessional Products (think tree-killing DuPont Imprelis)?

    With massive and mindless SHRINKAGE on the horizon, tens of thousands of DuPonters are now under a dark cloud of uncertainty and fear for their jobs. Thoroughly demoralised men and women don't put out their best efforts. They don't take risks and create and innovate and produce. They don't go all out for a callous Company which may kill their careers, sell them down the river, strip them of long-promised benefits.

    One more reason of a thousand to avoid this stock: Pervasively bad morale and labour unrest.

    Merely the morning commentary and opinion of one individual investor and long-time student of the increasingly reduced and irrelevant DuPont.

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    • Wow, folks, the "fountain" below spurts out sheer arrogance telling investors where they are allowed to post, and what they are allowed to say! With remarkable stupidity, he doesn't understand that it is incentivised employees who create and produce and make the profits! Corporations with pervasive employee dissatisfaction do not ultimately succeed in the rigourous world of global competition. Witness the dramatic decline of DuPont in the 21st century. Regular workers have a thousand ways to sandbag Management when they are in a state of fear or they believe they are being cheated. And that hits the bottom-line. ...funfun..

    • This is a stock board and not a employee grievance board. If you are looking for sympathy write to your local newpaper. We are only interested in the Company making money and complying with regulations. Every employes has an opportunity to seek better employment.

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      • You must be new here sir. My former fellow fun tried writing to newspapers. He used to write to the Wilmington News Journal in DE a lot! But then they changed policies and wouldn't let him use his famous "funfundvierzig" ID anymore. They insisted he use his real name! Well anyone who knows my former fellow fun knows he'd never do that. He always says DD is monitoring his every move just waiting to find out who he really is so they can "retaliate" against him. Funny though he never tells us how a company could retaliate against a long ago separated pensioner no longer employed with them. Anyway that ended his contributions to that newspaper. More recently he was writing to a Parkersburg WV newspaper. Suddenly they decided they didn't want his contributions anymore. So they erased his posts. Not only that, they erased all his old posts in their archives. Can you imagine that!? So please don't advise him to write to newspapers again. It seems to this independent blogger that newspapers don't want to hear from my former fellow fun (any more than most readers here do).

      • Fountain

        Shilling for DuPont bosses is no VIRTUE!

        And Funfun has made it abundantly clear that he retired from DuPont with a nice pension and has a fine consulting business. He's entitled to express his very intelligent opinions any time here.

        In fact, he's made me a lot of money steering me away from DuPont, a horribly run company!

    • Folks, as you can see by the vindictive ad hominem attack this morning by one representative of DuPont, a proudly self-disclosed DuPont AG employee, bitterly ignorant and resentfully uneducated, the Management culture of DuPont towards its regular workers is "Could not care less". Regular employee are like paper towels in the Company's dingy restrooms, to be used and thrown out. Here's the malignant mindset of DuPont's arrogant and overpaid senior executives:

      * Worried about your career at a shrinking DuPont? Tough.

      * Apprehensive of losing your job as Ms. Cull-Men dresses up your business unit or segment for selling it down the river? Deal with it, yourself.

      * Concerned about disappearing benefits and your retirement security, never being able to retire? Not our problem.

      * Fearful of wage freezes and more severe cost-slashing, the cancellation of opportunities for professional and financial advancement (unless you qualify under the defined preferences for colour and gender dictated by DuPont's merit-free Diversity Model? Suck it up.

      * A replay of "voluntary" involuntary forced furloughs without pay, while Ms. Cull-Men continues to haul down $15 million a year, $300,000.00 a week? Hey, that's life at DuPont.

      What a sick operation, a climate of animosity towards the real people who toil and moil to feed and house the imperious Empress of Imprelis and her tiresome TEAM of circa 100 DuPont Presidents and DuPont Vice Presidents and DuPont General Manager equivalents.


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      • Hey "CANER"!,

        "Regular employee (sic, "EMPLOYEES) are like paper towels.." What's the matter? Didn't they teach you grammar in your small school for village idiots on the outskirts of East London?

        More bitter rhetoric from the fired ZIG! Suck it up and get over the fact that you are an illiterate and lazy ex-DuPont employee who hides behind his anonymity to take cheap, lying shots at his ex-employer.

        Have a nice day "toiling and moiling" while you're whining and pining over the fact that EVERYBODY is laughing AT YOU! Yep! At YOU, ZIG!

        The MIESTER

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