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  • ho-och ho-och Dec 12, 1997 3:25 PM Flag

    Now or Later

    I am contemplating to transfer a significant amount of my Thrift Funds to DuPont Stock ($200K +. Can an informed buyer give me any insights on the trading range in the next year. Should I transfer now or wait in case there is further downward movement in the stock.


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    • DuPont has always trailed the market in upswings and finished the up-swing with a flurry just prior to the market making a top. It has always done better in the first half of a calendar year and typically stalled in the second half. Conoco's performance in the petroleum sector is a big factor in DuPont earnings.

    • Dear Mr. Prospective Buyer,

      Dupont is one of the Dow Dogs. This means basically that DD has lagged behind many of the Dow components over the course of
      the year. As an individual investor who has followed dd for the past few months I would recomend that you buy as it is only a
      matter of time before DD catches up and possibly exceeds the rest of the dow. I believe that if you buy now that you will be
      rewarded over the course of the next few years if not sooner. One lesson that I have learned is that you should never attempt to time
      the market. It is unpredictable but investors are only rewarded over the long haul for investing in good solid companies.
      Besides you might just miss the boat.

      Good Luck & Happy Holidays

      P.S. 6 month price target of low 70's & only up from there

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      • I have been "dying" in the high-tech stock area and have considered selling some stock and trying the Dow Dogs - Foolish
        Four approach. Based on today's stock prices this would say 40% to MO, 20% to EK, 20% to DD, and 20% to T. Since you believe that
        DD is a good investment, what do you think about the others? After two divorces and raising two children as a single parent, I
        have only now been able to start investing. I have only 12 years until retirement, so I need to do the best I can with what
        little I have to invest. I am concerned about the Dow Dogs approach, because it bases so much on the "Yield" (dividend/stock
        price). EK is a good example...what if a company declares a nice dividend, and then the stock starts to "crash"? This makes the
        company (like EK) look good on the Dow Dogs, but I am not sure that I would consider it a good investment.

        Any help that I could receive from you experienced investors would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks and Happy Holidays

    • Paul Samuelson says the record of capitalism, l80 years long or so, shows us that the guy within equities over any 12 year period, always ended up better than one in bonds or other alternatives. DD is over l00 years old. Buy and hold and forget what the latest story you're heard on the news. Mr. ho-och tranfer and let DD grow.

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