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E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company Message Board

  • jdonald6 jdonald6 Aug 31, 1999 10:17 AM Flag

    Big news. Wait till you read this. LOL


    Bull Board Press (BBP)

    Dupont's board announced today that they are dumping the
    top three levels of mgmt and opting to use Yahoo's
    bulletin board posters for corporate direction and
    decision making.

    In a prepared statement from the
    Dupont board the shake up was seen as a step to
    outsource "Better Ideas for Less"... As always Dupont feels
    they are at the leading edge....and in this case they
    are out in front of the trend for corporations to
    "listen" to the perspectives coming from the greater
    global synergy, knowledge, and experience on Yahoo's

    BBP tried to contact Chad for comment but he is on
    Holiday and was unable to be reached on by corporate cell
    phone, portable PC, Palm, pager, Iridium phone, FAX,
    Yahoo email, or smoke signals. BBP is attempting to
    hail him on the MTC bulletin board since rumors abound
    that he has frequented there over the last six months
    looking for tips on what direction to take

    Copyright BBP, duplication without expressed written
    consent would be considered about as fraudulent as this
    whole post. LOL

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    • I fly for a local corporation,and as of yet I do not have my next week schedule. I'll try and get a post to you this weekend. Would have gotten back sooner but I was on the road.

    • Gonna try and time it so my last breath and last dollar coincide :)

    • the participant/taxpayer may use 5-year averaging
      (sometimes 10) for distributions. The same applies to heirs.
      I'm quite certain this option is not available for
      IRA's. Really not important, though. As I understand it,
      the last year that anyone can use the averaging
      options is 1999.

      Loans from 401(k) assets are
      permissible -- not so with IRA's.

      If I think of other
      401(k) advantages, I will let you know.


    • There was a financial advisor column in the
      Houston paper recently that indicated there were diferent
      survivor or tax consequences between a 401k and IRA. The
      column suggested the 401k had advantages. Wish I could
      remember the exact day so I could quote it directly.
      However if your going to spend the money and die broke it
      don't matter.

    • Now you're talking, I assume that this
      non-cancerous tobacco
      will be "Genetically Altered" which
      down the road could provide some interesting liability
      suits? I wonder if smokers would have problems smoking
      Marboro's made from Altered Tobacco


    • to Fattboyy and Skeptic, there is really nothing
      that we can do by posting on this board to change the
      company or to impact the stock price. Therefore, I think
      it is relevant to discuss investment

      Also, it is not entirely shocking that DD would dip
      after the split-off, at least "momentarily" (whatever
      that means). I am a bit surprised that it has now
      dropped to the low 60s, but I posted about a month or
      more ago not to be suprised to see the low 60s, but
      that that might be a buying point. Anyway, pre
      split-off, investors had the option of taking COC or staying
      with DD. This alone would drive the price of DD up. An
      option always has value. Post split, there is no option
      left. Therefore, downward pressure on the stock is not


    • entry in the DD Employment web

      Wanted- One new dynamic and aggressive CEO, one that can
      reform a company without using rigid molds; need to be
      able to turn the "mold" on an old company into new

      Times up buddy. You know how it is these days...if you
      aren't 'core or cost effective' you get outsourced. No
      reason the rules should be any different for you.
      Selling some oil and buying some seeds has been your
      mark...let somebody else remake the company've
      past your usefulness.

      If you don't announce a
      key life science merger or buyout (and further sales
      of laggard commodity businesses) by year end I'd say
      you oaught to make like a Y2K bug and disappear.

    • Geez, now even those dog food makers in STL are
      dumping this dog.

      "Ralston Purina exchanges DuPont
      shares" See Yahoo news on DD.

      What an insult
      Chad....and here I put my money on you over the Arch-man.

    • here's what we do. Let's get DD to divest itself
      of COC and then invest in Pioneer (but not the
      speakers) and then . . . and then . . . and then make
      tobacco that will not cause cancer and run MO out of
      business and make trillions and get rich.

      that's what WE are gonna do.

    • Seems like while we are all taking a course in
      money management,
      IRA's and 401K's the horses are
      all running out the barn door!
      We need to get this
      stock turned around or it really won't make
      a damn
      bit of difference whether your investment is in
      or After-Tax dollars, because there won't be any
      profits to
      be concerned with!


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