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  • pfflyerkid pfflyerkid Mar 31, 2014 12:59 PM Flag

    Cramer, Goldman and FUEL

    I think Cramer did Goldman a favor by having the FUEL exec on his show. Goldman was one of the prime underwriters for the IPO and the add on offering. Since then, the stock has seen far more down days than up and Cramers reply to someone on Twitter re his take on FUEL a few weeks ago was "you're on your own".

    Can this thing go up? Who knows, flip a coin, but if it doesn't have a pulse on market up days, I'm not confident it'll do well on market down days.
    CRTO had a huge run from 40 to 60 before falling off a cliff and round-tripping back to 40 but at least you could see it was overdone to the upside and take your profit.

    Between now and next earnings (will they pre-announce or was that just for the secondary ploy?) the only thing that moves this for a day will be some kind of news release or an upgrade. Will Goldman ever initiate coverage??? My faith in oversold technicals is waning although the 43.20 area is in sight again to hold and bounce off of....

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    • Cramer did say to be careful with high flyers like FUEL and SPLK because 50% increases are nuts! I love CRTO and sold my July $35 Options at the top ( i got lucky) saw 150% return and sold. Now I am getting back in with the October $35 at $8, $9.....stealing money.......

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    • Where are these weak handed analysts now? Somebody needs to say something about this company. Radio silence from the analysts is killing this and letting the shorts have their day.

    • Yes, pretty discouraging. I'm down so much now (over 35k) I might as well get buried with it. I never follow Cramer nor watch his show. It can turn and when it does, look out! It's happened before.glta

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      • Here is the deal. When you buy in to such a high flyer, you really need to buy PUTS to protect your stock. I know you don't want to hear that now but it is the right thing to do. I own GOOG options and sold for a nice 45% profit while by buddy who I told to buy the same options, refused to sell. Now, I am sitting in cash ready to buy back in and he's underwater. All I am saying, is when you are up big in any stock or option and you are feeling giddy, that's the time to buy insurance. DONT SELL your stock and when this stock bottoms around $35, buy some $35 upside CALLS as far out as possible. This will allow you to recover more $$ than just cost averaging in. I know there are doom and gloomers out there saying it could be cut in half to $20 but I don't see it. If you are still afraid of it going down, buy some $35 PUTS short term. If you want to cost average in and own more shares, SELL the $35 PUTS and get a premium. If the stock sells off, you get the shares at $35 less the premium so maybe around $33. IF the stock rallies, you keep the premium and you shares gain value. Just my opinion since you are so far down. Try to protect yourself from further downside and don't be afraid to buy OPTIONS way out because they are much cheaper than before the sell off. THE RSI could be showing us the bottom or more downside. You never know with a falling knife.

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      • Cramer worked for Goldman, P-N-D team

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