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  • angelaplumer angelaplumer Apr 19, 2013 8:22 PM Flag

    Benefits offered by the SODAS® technology incl


    i was reading about zohydro and it says it will use the sodsa delivery system. I have been researching on the internet in various drug users board and most say they do not like this system because bunch of little beads and they gum up when wet. I do not know anything about this and just read this. Who out there has a professional opinion about this. ANY PHYSICIANS OUT HERE!! Just curious there is a er morphine drug avinza i think is the name which uses the same soads technology route and i looked it up on the fda site and their rems says it was updated on 4/2013 to follow the new rems. Anyway what doe anyone think about this. Someone with knowledge since i am just reporting from a drug users board. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it. Of course I am long on this stock and have been since feb 2013.

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    • rossbuster Apr 21, 2013 12:34 AM Flag

      Addiction professional here... Sadly SODAS is not going to be enough for the FDA to be satisfied if they push TRF how they say they are going to. I think it is more likely they will have to reformulate. But this absolutely realistic. Don't you think the FDA would give ZGNX the opportunity to come into alignment with policy change that FDA is initiating DURING the process of review?!?!?! You would think they would work with the company. I know they will.

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    • davidosterhout Apr 19, 2013 9:20 PM Flag

      I guess the question would be who cares if it gums up when wet? Most medications are destroyed if they get wet, thus the Intent is not to get them wet. Is there any reason someone would need to get them wet? My guess is the board you were reading was drug abusers looking to extract the higher extended release doses. It's a bummer when your drugs turn to goo. I heard this is what they try with the ER morphine you mentioned.

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      • I'm pretty sure most drugs are not destroyed if they get wet. If so, how else would you swallow them and what happens when they reach the fluids in your stomach or the blood stream which is mostly water anyways? The drug abuser will want to get these wet so they can inject them. They will grind the tablets down to a powder and probably add normal saline so they can inject them via a syringe. If the product becomes too thick or gooey, they can't inject it becuase it will clog up their needles or they will need some really low gauge ( super thick ) needles!!!

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