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  • drd369 drd369 Nov 20, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

    Where is Oyster at today?? Sorry... davidoysterhout, he's awefully quiet for some reason...

    Hopefully he didn't stop by the hardware store to buy a length of rope.. he did say he was putting half his 401k into this POS today.. probably early when the stock was up and then maybe it made a 20 cent swing on him after.... Hopefully he's still with us and not swinging from some tree.

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    • davidosterhout Nov 20, 2013 9:37 PM Flag

      I was working late today. You forget that most of us have jobs. I would not invest what I would not be able to lose 100% of.

      You say you are happy but how can anyone with as much hate as you be truly happy? Regardless I hope ERB hits $10.00. I hope even more that ZGNX does.

      BTW... My 401K didn't clear the account today. Perhaps tomorrow?

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      • Yeah I know that walmart makes some of you guys work some crazy hours. I would warn against spending half of your life savings on a biotech but who knows, maybe my gut feeling is wrong. Who really does know since I never thought JCP would ever rally again but it did just today.. so maybe ZGNX will rally too... I think that someone should post "IF POS JCP CAN RALLY, WHY NOT POS ZGNX TOO?"... that would be a logical argument for buying ZGNX

    • You have got serious problems dude and way to much time on your hands. Whether I win or lose, I never take joy in seeing others lose and suffer. We are all in the same game. Even if you are filthy rich from wins, it makes no difference. I feel sorry for you.

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      • Don't feel sorry for me, save that sympathy for your poor dear old moma who is stuck with you and is her biggest regret in life.... I happen to be the happiest man alive, how many can truly state that for the record? You should have bought ERB my friend, then you'd be the second happiest man alive behind me. Btw, I actually feel a little happier when I rub you snot-nosed face in it.

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