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  • bashers_are_liars bashers_are_liars Dec 15, 2013 12:20 AM Flag

    Here Is An Example Of drd369's Expertize In The Stock Market


    drd369•11 hours ago Flag

    I expect a 20% market correction, not a collapse. I also expect ZGNX will trade at under $1 very soon via FDA and will remain there due to a combination of reverse splits and share offerings which will destroy what little trust investors have left."

    This dumba($$) drd369 thinks that a REVERSE SPLIT makes the price of the stock go......lower.

    Hey drd369 you made a little more sense when you posted as both takemeserious2004, and drd369, not much more sense, but a little more.

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    • Dude, 'if' there is a reverse stock will lose a significant % of your investment. Reverse stock splits are DISASTER!!! No, the actual reverse split changes NOTHING......EXCEPT what happens afterwards when SMART investors digest WHY it was reverse split!!!!!

    • Now he is bigpig1111. He's using pigs name now

    • I'm so happy you just posted these comments... it proves that you completely have no clue about how the market works. After this, I would hope that you use your inside voice instead of embarrassing yourself further on message boards or talking to people in your normal daily life.

      bashers_are_liars, I want you to type in CTIC into Google Finance and Click on "all" for the chart zoom. Once you have done this, you will see something quite surprising which is that CTIC shares were once trading at $14,700 per share on Oct. 20, 2000... correct? No that is not correct since the stock went through several reverse splits and secondary offerings since that time and the effect is that the shareholder loses more and more value over time as the stock continued to fall and the $14,700 represents what the stock price WOULD HAVE BEEN after the effect of reverse splits and secondary offerings is factored in. Further broken down for dimwit bashers_are_liars, companies need more money and the stock price has fallen below $1 risking de-listing. Company than reverse splits the falling stock and makes a secondary offering to raise capital. This reduces shares bringing the stock back up but clobbers it back down by re-diluting it... result is that investor value is lost for those who owned prior to reverse split... CTIC is the poster child for this but I expect ZGNX will be the new poster child.

      Do you get what I'm saying to you Boy? If you don't know about this, why are you posting anything at all about any stock.. you don't have the knowledge to make any intelligent comments on any equity-related message board. YOU HAVE BEEN CALLED OUT FOR THE IDIOT THAT YOU TRULY ARE!!.. TIME FOR MOMA TO TUCK YOU IN FOR THE NIGHT BOY!!

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      • C'mon man....DRD 369.... you haven't posted anything meaningful as long as I've seen your postings.....all you try to do is get people to give up their shares because you were unfortunate enough to sell this stock, not realizing how much demand there is for this type of drug in the market. You can keep ranting and raving but remember this: Come 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2014 this stock will be MUCH higher and if you have any brains at all, you'll be out of whatever short position you have. Please mark this post as you've been warned!

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