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  • jdsalinger_101 jdsalinger_101 Mar 26, 2014 11:20 PM Flag

    This is #$%$ unbelievable - instead of buying shares, management just gave themselves a #$%$ load of options

    And the new guy too...they are a bunch of crooks....competent crooks are what they are. This will sure help the stock over the next few days/weeks. Yeah, right. Unbelievable!

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    • If they weren't crooks, they would have done the right thing and left the money in the company instead of handing it out to themselves. They handled the backlash from politicians on Zohydro approval by hiding under the sheets as investors watch their life savings evaporate... now they reward themselves for basically doing nothing. The only thing they ever do is attend board meetings to discuss how many options to give out to each other.. THIS IS PATHETIC!!!

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      • Dude you are getting mad for no reason...this is a good thing...not earth shattering good but good nonetheless...I just learned what these forms mean in 20 mins of research...I suggest you do the same before you off yourself for no reason. If pps doesn't go up...these options are worth no money to the officers...slow it down and take a deep breath

      • I think you are overreacting...what you don't understand is, they dont make any money at all if the stock pps goes down...if anything this is an incentive to raise the pps otherwise the option is worthless ...look at the form 4 records this time last year, they were all given the same style of options with the additional contingency to implement zohydro er. If they didn't succeed they wouldn't have made money...this year their sole incentive going forward is to raise pps so they make money along with the long as you held your shares or buy back will make money along with the officers

      • Your pathetic, learn how options work...smh

    • Ummm... It does help the pps. The option award recipient has the incentive to raise the share price above the 3.07 so they can buy the stock cheap. 10 year term, 48 month equal monthly dist. The CEO gets the stock price to go to 12 pps, they can buy the shares at 3.07 for their work. It gives them incentive to push the company. These guys have money, but probably not enough liquid to buy 600000 shares right now. It was a ton of work to launch this drug successfully, option awards beats cash incentives hands down. This is definitely a good thing for tomorrow's pps. They have more reason to get this pps high

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      • I like your posts madd but I also disagree. For one whenever someone gets options (that only vest over a number of years btw) we get inaccurate hype here that these are "insider buys". There were no purchases of shares at all because no one own the shares yet. Second, these are risk free because, compared to us shareholders who bought with our own $, these options never have to be exercised if the price goes down. The insider has not committed to buying anything like we shareholders have.

      • Strongly disagree Maddchicagoan. Long term it gives some incentive but it will have no immediate impact on pps; there is no immediate benefit to either the company, customers or shareholders. Long term perhaps there will be benefit if the management team executes and/or exceeds street expectations.

        However, as some of those executives own in excess of seven figures of shares/options, the price doesn't have to move that much for them to make out well. Note that this applies to almost any public company.

        Given that the institutions/funds/insiders own about 90% of the stock it doesn't take much movement for them to do well. Retail is always the last to benefit.

        I hope the pps increases near term but it's not going to "pop" because of insider options being granted. Good luck!


      • Mad, long term we know Z will sell. Z will sell even w/o a sales force. They just gave themselves essentially restricted shares since they strike price is so #$%$ low and called it options. They just looted the company. As a shareholder I am #$%$. Incentive? Haven't they received enough incentives already...have you looked at the filings? Any if it is really for incentives, why not set strike price at 5 rather than 3? Crooks they all are.

    • Options to buy at the holding price?

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