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  • alpinemeadows2003 alpinemeadows2003 Apr 23, 2014 9:53 AM Flag

    Deval Patrick, MD

    It's astounding.. frankly unprecedented, that a state's Governor would twice attempt to dictate the terms of selecting, and the freedom of choice, to a patient population that already are opioid users and clearly know the inherent risks involved with this class of pain medication.
    He must have a constituency, a close friend, a neighbor, etc. who's personally lost a loved one to overdose. So it's personal to him too. How else can one explain his complete disregard to even hold discussions with company executives or FDA representatives. This stubbornness borders on ignorance... Astounding...

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    • Read his Wikipedia page especially the casino gaming and controversy sections, accepted contributions from gambling lobbyists which is unethical and against the rules, he was in up to his chin in the subprime fiasco and served on BOD of Ameriquest who was involved in predatory loans and then he tried to get bailout money on their behalf and hired his neighbor a campaign contributor and real estate consultant to Director of Real Estate Services a position he created paying $120k a year while state employees were getting the boot and people were losing their homes due to the subprime market meltdown these idiots were backing. I wouldn't be surprised if there is some dirty politics behind this zohydro ban, the Gov obviously can be bought as his past history clear shows.

    • It's all about politics and donations. This guy has no soul or conscience. He is an arrogant #$%$.

    • Someone gave hI'm mo'neys, a Bentley, offered him some white biyotchez, gave him lifetime supply of drugs and who knows what else. That, or simply he is just a primitive uneoducated ape!

    • someone gave him money to do it

    • You didnt know dictator blood runs deep in democrats? Forget asking them about their degree, they'll show you a portfolio on junk they think they know.

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      • Well, I'm a democrat. Yet I have fought and answered the misconceptions of Deval every chance I had. You can see it on the letters to the editor. Right is right, and just is just. Don't link me with this clown. There are opportunistic politicians on both sides. Generalizing politics has gotten us to where we are in this country. We discount others opinions based on titles media assigns us. What a shame we forget common values in place of media symbols. This is a simple case of a grandstanding moron trying to save face. If I ever met him I would tell him, "Please get off my side"

        Don't believe me? Look at my posts.

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    • That would make sense if he targeted all opioids. He is only targeting Zohydro, which means his motives are not altruistic. Sleazy.

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