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  • licky_mywalker licky_mywalker May 21, 2014 5:53 PM Flag

    $1.00 within two to three weeks

    management is absent, they have checked out... You are just a passenger now... There is nothing to look forward to, NOTHING! By the time next earnings come out this stock will be trading in penny land I can almost guarantee that.. Dont believe the bs about them boys "working in the background"! Well, if they are doing anything its basically working out the details on their golden parachute package, nothing more. What's the book value of this co? Take that minus 5 percent. That's what you are going to get on a take over., eom

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    • I guess you can say I am a visionary. No?

    • Also licky, if there is NOT bad news that hits the wire in the next 1-2 weeks I will be AMAZED!!! When stocks crash like this, more times than not, you get a doozie of a bad press release!!!!

    • licky, the Cheerleaders are in a gargantuan state of denial. I saw this stock breakdown 7 weeks ago. This thing is in a TOTAL spiral down! And, if these Nuts don't think the Tutes are selling then their case of denial is worse than I suspected. I think you might be dead-on in terms of thinking a secondary or reverse split may happen. Once the stock settles below $2/share for a certain amount of time ZGNX will receive a delisting notice from the NASDAQ if the shares do NOT rise above $2/share. Many times this is the action that prompts a reverse split.

      All these Idiots are just going to do is claim I am a 'short'. Therein lies another facet of their Idiocy....ANYONE who believes that a message board affects the price of a stock is much more STUPID than even I give them credit for!!!!

      It is quite sad listening to these people claim that they will throw even more money down the many tons of bricks have to fall on these people?

      It is a known Fact that for the last 2 months there has been a rotation out of the high growth stocks of 2013 of which biotech was a primary leader.....the rotation out is not coming from Idiotic Retail investors, it is coming from Institutions!!!!!

      Lastly, there is SIMPLY no way a graph of a stock could POSSIBLY be UGLIER than ZGNX's graph. It is a COMPLETE breakdown and fall off of a cliff!!!!

      ENJOY your investment!

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