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  • ortiesdad ortiesdad Nov 7, 2012 6:24 AM Flag

    Whew...I was going to invest this morning and then read this.....

    By Todor Pichurov (google him with November 7, 2012 date) With just $6 thousand in cash as of June and a long road to completing all testing, it looks like AMBS may be in for some hard times. Considering the stock is being pumped as well, traders are advised to be very careful and check all available information before they make a move, as promoted OTC stocks are an almost certain way to lose money in the long run.

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    • What a bunch of crap. You have some qualified men who have signed on to this company big time. This isn't a high school experiment taking place in someone's garage. Not every minute of everyday is going to be a winner if you are holding. Stock traders trade and improve their position. That's what it is all about. And this is how good players end up with a ton of shares for next to nothing. Buy now and play ball or just sell and let others get rich off your poor efforts to play the game

    • cash is not that important. as long as you have a good drug candidate in the pipeline, good credit, and continuous funding. do you really think these new board members would have joined a failing company. seriously, this new guy is co-founder of Amgen. he's not jumping in on a sinking ship!

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    • I did Google him and this article does exist, however, this is the same guy who made the following comments in September 2012: "Considering the company's overall negative chart trend, the current advertising campaign is obviously aimed at giving AMBS stock a breath of fresh air for the time being. What remains unknown, however, is how long this breath will last. Since the vast majority of paid efforts rarely work out for more than a quarter of an hour, today's investor awareness program could hardly make an exception.Fundamentally speaking, AMBS has been in the red for quite a while. With no revenue generated in 2012, the company seems poised to continue its negative run on the charts." This is when the price was .0051 to .0075 per share. It's now eight times higher. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to expect little to no revenue from a company like this. They are developing and researching, not selling products Only time will tell. I plan to hold.

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    • Every stock that people believe in gets "pumped" if that means telling others that you found a good investment and they might want to take a look at it. The difference between a Pump and Dump is that in a P&D it's a sham company with really no news only smoke and mirrors and the pumpers sell off after they have made their profits. AMBS is a real company with real news and a real global patten on a drug with major chances of being a long term success. We have real Dr's with carriers devoted to medical science this is no common little BIO stock. Also there are absolutely no links at this point to P&D site's I've been requesting them since the "short" interest in this stock started saying P&D but as of yet have not seen one single link.

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      • I actually agree with the both of you. Ortiesdad is correct in the fact that according to their latest 10-Q they only have $6648 in cash so they probably will be a significant dilution soon which could drop the price significantly. On the other hand the drug may have potential. Bottome line is dont risk more than you can afford to lose. Unfortunetely these can go down as quickly as they go up

      • The reason this stock has gone through the roof is real news! The lab tests were a success then one press release after another do you think a Major University and the Michael J Fox Foundation is going to hand out research grants to anyone with a worthless idea?? Come on you've been influenced out of a good investment by those with either no knowledge of the company or a short interest in the company. Yes there is pumping with AMBS but there is no dumping bro that's why it's up over 725% in 20 days for most of us investors this stock is "the one" !!

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