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  • teamonfuego teamonfuego Dec 11, 2012 10:18 PM Flag

    Market Cap is Still Tiny

    I'm not really looking for a potential buyout. I'm just looking at relatively valuations and patent protection. They have a patent on MANF, which was upheld in court against a competitor of theirs, Hermo Pharma. There was a very interesting interview posted on Seeking Alpha with the partner at Hermo Pharma, see link below:

    MANF has been shown to be significantly better in test results than GDNF was at this stage. GDNF was developed by a company that was purchased by Amgen for over $250 Million while GDNF was in pre clinical trial stage. GDNF was halted later on during trials because it couldn't be delivered to the brain effectively, yet it was recently picked up by Gill University and is in phase II trials and they have been able to deliver it to the brain much more effectively both directly and via intra nasal delivery. The moment they show actual studies on the delivery improvements from their testing then MANF immediately goes to the head of the list because it has been shown to be far more effective. And guess who has patents on MANF?

    I'm willing to discount this significantly and say it's only worth $75 Million. Still that makes this a 10 bagger from here.

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    • Small enough float to trade over $1

    • Thanks for the post.

    • All you have to do is compare $14 Million current market cap with a $250 Million buyout offer that a company that owned GDNF, which is a inferior drug, and see that this is going much much higher.

    • Whomever is debating this company don't listen to the negative posts - understand they're most likely hoping it will drop so they can get more. Pay more attention to the comments from the co-founder of Amgen (i.e., "I have reviewed a great number of technologies in my 45 year career in the biopharmaceutical field, and I believe that MANF could be one of the biggest successes that I have ever seen.") and think to yourself why Hermo PHarma felt compelled to challenge their MANF patents. MANF is producing much better results than GDNF produced at this stage and GDNF was purchased for over $250 Million AT THIS STAGE.

      AMBS is only worth $8 to $9 Million right now.

      Versus $250 Million.

      Do the math. Listen to people that know the science like Dr. Rubinfeld and the dozens of other scientists that have worked on MANF over the past 10 years (just google MANF if you don't believe me). AMBS has patent protection on MANF and anything that has a 90% homology (or similarity) to MANF. There's a reason why Hermo Pharma challenged this patents. Anyone that wants to work on MANF has to go through AMBS.

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      • $250 million vs $12 million. Do the math. AMBS has a ton of upside

      • I think this gets to a $75 Million market cap and then a partnership deal is struck. It's all about having patent protection on MANF which "has the commercial potential to become a blockbuster drug" as the co-founder of Amgen said.

        "I believe in MANF," said Dr. Rubinfeld, "I have reviewed a great number of technologies in my 45 year career in the biopharmaceutical field, and I believe that MANF could be one of the biggest successes that I have ever seen. The fundamental scientific premise of reducing protein misfolding is basic, yet very profound. The data, while early, demonstrates very clearly at the cellular level and in animals that MANF reduces apoptosis, improves cellular function, and restores behavioural deficits in a number of disease models, including Parkinson's, Stroke, Myocardial Infarction and Traumatic Brain Injury. These are all indications with very large markets and clear unmet medical need. I believe that if we are able to further de-risk MANF with positive toxicology studies and early clinical data, the Company's new orphan drug strategy could get MANF to market rather expeditiously. MANF has the commercial potential to become a blockbuster drug."

    • Thank you for sharing my article. MANF sure is an exciting protein

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