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  • dieselkiller dieselkiller Dec 27, 2012 7:36 PM Flag

    Heads up to certain people

    ANOTHER complaint has been filed with the SEC. Including your usernames. Keep playing your games. Ihub peeps reported too.

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    • I got burnt recently in HEB...There were many folks who said Ampligen is SCAM and Carter has been running and seeking approval for 20+ years and Even Adam Feurstein said the same thing. It dropped -50% in one day.

      HEB went to FDA and YES it was kind of correct. FDA even questioned the validity of the data from 20 years ago and pretty much said they need to do more trials..

      So, i have learnt my lesson. Sometimes its good to listen to those so called bashers (not always but sometimes )

      Everyone hates Adam Feurstein, and he's the big boy for manipulators there but He's correct in some scams.

    • Should we also report you and pretty much everyone in yahoo message boards ?
      What made this stock run +500% with no substantial news ? Wasn't that clear pumping orchestra made by big boys and i mean REALLY BIG boys behind it.

      WHy do people saying going to $1, $2 etc...That's like sucking up newbies..

      If you lost today, you lost because of yourself..We have seen people get mad and angry when they lose.

      I didn't see a reason for this to pop from $0.01 to $0.12 and big drop after they (big boys) made enough money on this one.

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      • Ok...... report whomever you want, you included. Check my posts.... wheres my pump? Im talking about the #$%$ like Pharm, Crow and Kid who are obviously partly behind what happened today. I lost, you lost. But id be willing to bet you didnt sell and neither did I. Im here for the long haul and am tired of the pumps AND the dumps. Once this thing gets on a big board, most of it will go away. Looking forward to that day. On your side arn, we need to report all of them. I reported several calling for $5+ by the end of january. As for the price increase its partially legit solely based on momentum to the conference.

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