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  • gonein2020 Jan 2, 2013 9:36 PM Flag

    New shares/Old shares

    I don't see a problem in my Fidelity account. I own both old and new shares. Prior to New Years day they were listed seperately. On New Years morning they were combined and shown as just "AMBS" and they were available to trade all day today. The rest of you are full of misinformation.

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    • You must be knowledgeable, to some minimum, that there are DOZENS, if not more, of trading brokers and institutions --- from the mom and pop run trading "houses" to the small, internet oriented, to the full service Goldman Sachs types (Goldman, I think, require that you have at least $10M before they'd consider opening an account for you)....

      And, because of that diversity, NOT ALL OF THEM handle problems the same way, equally fast, or efficient or re-assured...

      Don't you know that?

      And, so, with problems like this, CUSIP, companies changing names --- especially obscure PINK and OTC companies, with less paper trials and official protocols --- SOME, not all but some, middle of the road brokerages are NOT WILLING to "just do it"...

      Oddly enough, small, specialty trading "houses", on the one hand... as well as full service trading firms, in the Charles Shwarb range and up, most traders have been able to trade, throughout the last a couple trading sessions, with little or no problem. Some might require people to phone in, and use a person to trade... but most of the are okay...

      MOST of the problems have been for those using the "average" internet trading brokers like Scottrade, Ameritrade, Etrade, etc. These are not as well run, well staffed, and well funded as institutions, so they are LESS willing to make allowances which WE TRADERS think "reasonable"; they have to have "official" trade allocation GIVEN to them by the "official" agents, BEFORE they would retabulate our "old shares"... and allow us to trade... EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW, like we do, that AMBS shares, pps wise, has not change; they know this THE FIRST DAY it happened last week. I stopped by and talked to them.

      But they said they HAD to wait for official shared allocation protocols, BEFORE they would allow those "old shares" to be traded. The "new shares," they have no problem; just those bought BEFORE the "lock-up."

      Long story short: don't make broad, stupid assumptions, when you are IGNORANT of the necessary/minimal facts to make informed assumptions.

    • At Scottrade Old shares(yes old shares) are worth .........( not 0, but no particular value). Still AMBS##.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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