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  • I have been watching this board and other boards.I it is amazing how greedy people can be.Ambs has the real deal,which took a incredible selfless effort to bring to the pharmacutical community,but lack adequate funding to complete research and development,thats why they went public.Traders with no moral anchor or conscious are raping away any hope for people that are in desperate for this medical miracle.Other sites are actively being run by white collar crimminals,with predetermined intent to defraud buyers,with arm lenght assistence from the owners ,of these firms.How would ( you feel) if your mother,father,wife,husband,daughter,son,grandchild,or YOU were afflicted with these diseases?AMBS should be bought for the right reasons,not just greed and self interest,you by your greed is destroying any hope for MANF.If you want to rape and and pillage a company please do it to a trucking company in China.My wife and daughter suffer from MS,it is a long and treacherous plastic hallway filled with thieves,pimps and robbers,and good people die like dogs.BIIB has no interest in letting this treatment come to the market,as they are flush with billions selling one time shots weekly at a cost of 850 per.Take a ice pick and stick it in your muscle every week,and see how you feel.So if you believe in this stock invest,you will make lots of money,and bless a person in need,and run these greedy B@#$%DS out if here.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • The "Human Brain Mapping Program" will substantially increase the value of the company's patented MANF technology.

      Due diligence.

    • Your utter lack of the basics of spelling and sentence conjugation in the English language..leads me to believe you are either the MOST despicable foreign paid pumper of all time telling this story OR you're the MOST despicable foreign paid pumper of all time because ANYONE with a brain knows that a particular drop in a pennystock price has NOTHING to do with their future market products or success.

      You seem very interested in the drop in price...or why else would you be posting here? You want to get people to BUY a damn pennystock to "support" it? ONLY outside investors can supply AMBS with the $ necessary to move to the next step and they don't care WHAT the price is, so long as the therapy can prove effective.

      Do me a favor..seriously..get out of here. You're a piece of garbage for a human being using this fictional tale to get people's support.

      Last giveaway? The drug is for Parkinsons, not MS like you described your "family" having. They have made no analysis for the efficacy for MS related to MANF in writing or proposed...ever. This is not some neurodegenerative cure all either, so don't try to b.s. us and say that's what you meant. If your family REALLY did have this disease, you'd know more than me about this...because you'd be serious.

      Disgusted by you,


    • Bless you!

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