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  • wcoastguy2008 wcoastguy2008 Feb 4, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    How Low Wil It Go?

    The MANF technology is years and millions of dollars away from yielding a potential useful drug. Amarantus Bioscience recently increaed the number of authorized shares to a billion in anticipation of raising funds.

    Conclusion from a recent study:

    "Before MANF treatment can be considered for clinical applications there are several questions that need to be addressed. Prophylactic treatment capable of dampening the pathological responses to ischemia may be therapeutically important for only small number of patients who are highly prone to ischemic attacks. Before preclinical post-stroke experiments are conducted there are “proof of principle” questions that need to be addressed. Delivery to the intact brain via the ventricular system, vascular system or intranasal route needs further development. The increased permeability of blood brain barrier (BBB) after the onset of stroke, provides a window to target ischemic brain tissue for compounds that normally do not cross BBB. Other problems that need to be studied include the ability of post-stroke MANF delivery to promote recovery, timing of administration after stroke, and efficacy of coadministration of MANF with other treatments, like physical therapy or exercise, to promote recovery. Also, pre-clinical studies of MANF in other animal models of ischemic brain injury are needed. After these issues are addressed, safety, tolerance and efficacy of delivery should be evaluated in humans. Ultimately, a clinical study in a small number of stroke patients could be considered."

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