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  • bigbang121212 bigbang121212 Sep 12, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    MANF T1D indication

    There are estimated +20 Milllion Type-1 Diabetics worldwide.

    AMBS's MANF has the potential to be a disease modifying agent for T1D in preserving the beta cell function in the pancreas. According to my sources, MANF trials (data will be released in the coming days) conducted over Q2-Q3 2013, have shown excellent safety. Today, there are no drugs on the market that could claim that.

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    • I am not much into chart technicals, especially when it comes to once in a lifetime stocks like AMBS. However, for those wondering why the stock gained 3x over the past month, look at the flagpost formation accompanied by heavy volume and smashing of the resistance. And the subsequent flag formation. The stock will resume ("most likely", to be politically correct) the upward continuation in the coming days/weeks. The stock is up 3x on anticipation of the forthcoming announcements. Once the company makes the results public, the uptrend will resume. It will touch $0.19. Those who swear by the charts, here is your chance.

    • Tip of the iceberg. :-)

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      • MANF arrests apoptosis (programmed cell death). It is the key to treat 100+ indications. That MANF has therapeutic use for a range of indications has been established in over 30 publications in the last 4 years. Once AMBS establishes MANF's safety profile (for any single indication), it will dramatically cut down the effort invested in each other indication. From what I have seen (don't ask me where), there are no safety issues, so far. AMBS is in a unique club (most probably all by itself) of start-ups with such a broad pipeline, and a successful pipeline. Had AMBS's pipeline been in a big-pharma's hands, investors, analysts and every tom#$%$-harry of the market would be swooning over it. Worry not, AMBS will get there, soon. All the dirty work was done by AMBS over the past 10 months. It is time for results and more results, and then some more results. You will see what I am saying.

    • Bigbang: Like watsonhelper, you raise everyone's hopes but give little evidence for your claims. Your claim has no credibility unless you provide evidence of what you say.

    • I love how everyone has a "source" to something.

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