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  • bigbang121212 bigbang121212 Sep 12, 2013 2:13 PM Flag

    LymPro commercialization

    The new board members were not signed to clap and dance. They are there because of their deep connections with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). These are influential doctors engaged by industry to advise on marketing and help boost sales of new medicines. Across all hospitals and universities across world, many leading specialists are paid generous fees to peddle influence on behalf of the world’s biggest drug companies.

    BD has confirmed positive LymPro results. This changes the landscape of Alzheimer's research by pharma giants dramatically. Recently, Eli Lilly won a key patent dispute. Eli Lilly has decided to now conduct an even bigger phase-3 trials for its solanezumab.

    Eric Siemers, senior medical director of Lilly's Alzheimer's program, said an estimated 25 percent of patients in the two earlier Expedition trials might not actually have had beta-amyloid deposits or Alzheimer's disease, so solanezumab could not have helped them. He said many patients were enrolled in those trials on the basis of symptoms, without undergoing sophisticated diagnostic procedures now available to confirm the presence of beta-amyloid deposits. In the new study, Lilly's recently approved radioactive imaging agent, called Amyvid, will be used to screen patients, Siemers said. Biochemical measures in the spinal fluid can also help assess whether patients have Alzheimer's, he said. LymPro outperforms Amyvid and will be a game-changer. Amyvid (purchased for $800M) only tells if you have beta-amyloid deposits or not. It does not distinguish Alz from other forms of dementia.

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    • As I said on Sept 12, BD had confirmed LymPro analytical performance more than a month ago. CLIA partner has also been already chosen, as I have mentioned in my earlier post. Announcement due. LymPro alone will and should take AMBS to $0.75+ w/o splits. Today's LymPro validation is the FIRST and BEST ALZ DIAGNOSTIC TEST IN HISTORY. Congrats AMBS and Provista (LymPro developers). Every single Alz research organization and multi-billion pharmas will use LymPro for screening patients, before beginning their trials. I am happy and touch sentimental for the Alz patients. They needed this. Finally. I am relieved that if I were to start showing dementia symptoms, I could use LymPro myself, some day.

      AMBS is nearly done with data collection for its 3rd MANF orphan indication. The 2nd will be announced in the coming days. It is overdue. Let us see what the ostriches have to say regarding my pumps/lies for the past 1.5 months on AMBS data.

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