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  • cy_bermich11 cy_bermich11 Sep 26, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    Who are you going to believe?

    Any new investors should go to the company website (just go to yahoo finance and under "profile" there is a link).. once you get to the website.. simply spend 20 minutes and watch the video posted under "Investor Relations/ News/Events"

    Imo you should watch the most recent video loaded (June 27th).. it summarizes very well the products and catalysts of AMBS and underlines the incredible potential this company has in the coming months and years.

    Who are you going to believe.. an anonymous poster like yzzycz?.. or?
    If you are invested or thinking to invest.. arm yourself with good information so that you are not swayed by fear mongering posters like yzzycz who want you to believe that this is just a scam designed to take your money.

    Everyone has their own motivation on these message boards (including me.. lol).. so do your own DD.

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    • This board is crazy, I am a family memeber of Gerald and get no insider information, but believe in the family Gra;ds dads is"Bad #$%$'. Hold your shares there is no shorting. You guys here are very strange , maybe you should not invest in stocks. everyone in the family knows I am backing the future and will. It will pay iff you just have to hold . 200 undred shares for 15 cents loss pay atttention and hold.

    • So here's the thing. For every seller there has to be a buyer. Even if the seller is shorting borrowed stock which is really the only way they can actually be shorting. Otherwise they are liquidating. But who's to say the seller is not actually the buyer of the same stock, they are selling only under a different account either with the same broker or a different broker. Often times as some have already alluded to this could very well be the final bear trap, which we have all be caught in. The so called shorts can't be too stupid or they would never have had the money to put up to put on a so called short position. Also we have to factor in the market makers. In the case of this stock, who are the market makers and what have they been doing the past 3 weeks if we could track their actions, we might really be able to learn some valuable information. I for one as I am sure have all if not at least most of the rest of you been caught on one of these bear traps. Sometimes its a quick recovery, sometimes not so quick and sometimes there never is a recovery. But the one thing about these bear traps, if that is what it is. The recovery is usually over and above what you expect, take in the case of I think it was amr i think ie am airlines and fanny mae i think is another of recent history. This is the kind of thing that makes the 25 cents to 40 cent s we are all talking about, turn in to 75 cents to a dollar of even more but you need to be nimble because these are not always more than a quick over movement.

    • and i don't think it is a scam. I just think the CEO does too much talk with no results and it is pump and dump.

    • i don't think my comments here have any negative input on how AMBS trades. Sure i didn't made somebody unload 3M shares in first hour.

    • well put.

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