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  • failupward failupward Sep 29, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Best PPS 1 year from now estimate without pumping/bashing?

    Is there any real way to give a number that has any basis? Are we talking 100% gain around .12, 200% around .25 or something even more? I have to admit, my DD on this is weak. I threw $800 at it at .05, more like gambling for me.
    If this went to $1/share I would be stunned. Is there any real chanceinhell that could happen with the realities of this companies position, even with a huge unexpected breakthrough?

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    • Yeah...the crystal ball. It can be 0.001 or it can be 40 cents.

    • What you are asking is what analysts like Jason Napodano do. He has followed AMBS very closely, has done value estimations 6-8 months ago, and is likely to be updating those valuation estimates in the coming months. There are formulas these guys use based on the size of the market revenue available for a given drug if it receives FDA approval. Then, they discount that future revenue potential and add in the risks it may fail, and they come up with a current Target Price that it might realistically attain in the coming months or year. I think AMBS could easily have a Target Price of at least .50 cents one year from now. $1 dollar is very possible. And, if a lot of things go right, we could be higher than $1 in a year. That is my best guess work.

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      • Right, but it is interesting this does not have any targets or analyst recc's. I suppose that may be due to it being a penny stock. Have not dabbled in these before to any degree so that was why I asked. Many times I also notice that the targets/recc's are waaaay outdated. Thanks for the reply. My stake is really nothing, but I could be convinced to up my stake with twice what I have if it gets to looking like some catalysts/binary events materialize. Kind of fun though.

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    • Fail, I fall in the same category as you. My DD is mainly based on company website and pure research. I took a chance in accumulating 80k shares w/ an average of .07 based on my research and sentiments of others. Most bio tech investments are truly speculative in my opinion because it can go both ways with the lack of a commercialized product. Although if it a company does succeed with their technology the rewards are beyond reasoning. Just singing the same song from my past bio investments. (MNKD & CYTK) AMBS is the first penny stock I've participated in and it looks very promising as a buy and hold.

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      • ButcherTK... At the risk of others laughing at me and telling me to go do my own research, I want you to know that in many ways I'm like you. And I tend to be impulsive with buying stock based on reading the enthusiastic comments from posts like we read here for AMBS. BTW, I am not saying that is what you do. But I seem to have a knack for buying a bit higher than I should. I have lost way more than I have ever earned. It seems like I'm always chasing the next big potential winner. With AMBS I bought 100,000 shares at .08 several months ago. So I am sick when I saw it go down to
        .035. But with all of the positive things that I continue to read I think this is the first time that I feel like there is a good chance to gain some very nice profits someday. I am holding long term. And if for some reason it takes an unexpected dip toward .04 -.045 I intend to take a chance and buy another
        50k at least. I think most all of the people on this board have good intentions to help one another. That's why I appreciated your honesty about being more of a speculator. I wish I understood how to go about researching the important things about these stocks. Many people seem very intelligent in that regard. Maybe that's why I tend to be lazy (being honest here) and take the advice of these good folks. That being said, my father's words ring in my ears. "A fool and his money will soon part." I know dad, I know.

      • 80k will be looking very good for you if this goes to .25 pps. You will have a great story to tell.

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      • BTK, you will see me regularly on the MNKD board, waded in deeply after a pharmacist friend recommended I take a good look. Holding tight for April. Hoping for something big with Al. MNKD has all the makings of a breakout story. Really, a film could be made about it. So sounds like you really have no real sense of where AMBS might go. I will hold until it blows up or burns down, likely stop at $1000 invested if I decide to buy more. I consider it money otherwise spent in Reno- not so with MNKD, it will sting badly if it goes back down to $2. Upside for me will be significant though.
        Will take a look at CYTK. LOL, no more INO for me right now either. Never got sucked into BIOD or DNDN..
        Fwiw, I could not imaging putting my kids college $$ into a stock like AMBS as some here have claimed. And not just because I dont have kids! Wow.

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