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  • rante Oct 6, 2013 1:10 AM Flag

    AMBS strategy: Takee it from Great RUBINFELD " SUPERGEN " DD:RANTE

    Gerald is a Bio -business man. A great asset as a CEO.
    Read on how RUBIN made SUPERGEN a very successful BIOTECH !!!
    AMBS is on that road. No rush in partnerships if the DEAL is not RIGHT!!!
    Riskreturn is right ... Someone might be offering you 10x now... We just need to wait for a Whale partner to offer us 100X . Once we get our LYMPRO Producing INCOME... That WHALE will not be hesitant to give us what we want. At least in the 50 Million in upfront that is a drop in a bucket for that LLUUCCKKYY SOMEONE $$$


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    • partnership is not coming so easily because of previous failure of similar protein. That failure cost over 400M. I'm not saying this one will fail also. I'm just saying LymPro would be best way for them to go. I doubt partnership will ever come for MANF

    • rante Oct 6, 2013 10:53 PM Flag

      Let me help ya... Google RUBINFELD SUPERGEN interview ...see HOW,WHY SUPERGEN Was AQUIRED thru the ision of great Rubin.
      That is the reason why AMBS became a HOLDING CO.

      FYI: when a company has a revenue/income coming hin because of a NITCH PRODUCT like LYMPRO...This company AMBS is when it becomes attractive for PARTNERHIP/ACQUISITION/M&A... We are in the early phase, once we launch LYMPRO...WATCH OUT!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$


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      • If, I am reading this whole thing correctly, the potential here is to just be a cash cow, raking in licensing fees, esp as new applications develop for MANF, which it appears could be about every orphan affliction out there. I would not be surprised to see this ultimately spread into ADHD one of the most common afflictions out there today along with Autism. With the predictive capabilities of Lympro. Who knows where all this could go.

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