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  • bankerman100 bankerman100 Oct 11, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    interesting conversation with the "boss"....

    took the 5th......."I refer you to the 8k" over and over and over..........


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    • bankerman: you might have been better prepared. The LATEST 8K (amended for typo), dated Sep-23 is below. Note that it is almost 3 weeks since Sep-23, whereas the 8-K/A specifies 2 weeks.

      On September 23, 2013 Amarantus BioScience Holdings, Inc. (the “Company”) announced the following information via its Twitter account.

      · On Sept. 18th 2013 $AMBS CEO met with Becton Dickinson’s Custom Technology Team (CTT) accompanied by Corporate Advisor Dr. Adam Simon
      · The Sept. 18th meeting between Amarantus and Becton Dickinson’s Custom Technology Team went very well
      · Many important business & scientific topics were discussed including the current status of the assay, & ways to improve its marketability
      · The assay is currently performing very well, and BD expects to deliver the final report on this phase of the project in the next 2 weeks
      · BD's analytical performance report for the assay is awaiting final approval prior to distribution to Amarantus
      · Amarantus is evaluating its options for bringing LymPro to market
      · AMBS will focus on entering into agreements w/ top tier clinical sites to support LymPro clinical studies for AD & other indications

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      •'re probably right, however........I knew he was rushed for time, and I had a great deal of difficulty hearing him, since he had me on speaker phone....and his voice sounded a million miles away! However, he did actually say "I'm not going to tell you whether I have the performance report or not" and "I do have some leeway in disclosing the results....but within SEC guidelines". I did call him back yesterday question him further.....but I was redirected to his voice mailbox......which was FULL....and would not accept my message to return my call.

        Hope this clarifies the context with which I was forced to participate in this very brief discourse.


    • what was your question?.. LOL

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