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  • robellingsen robellingsen Oct 11, 2013 2:08 PM Flag

    this weekend would be a great time to release the Lympro data

    would give folks plenty of time to look it over before making a decision to add
    shares on Monday.
    Or you can wait for the news (more conservative)..

    or you can short and not close out your position (very dangerous imo)..

    or you can just walk away..

    I'm personally holding my shares..

    I for one believe the news is coming soon. Just don't know when.

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    • red thumbs?.. why am I not surprised.
      lately.. any positive speculation on this board gets three red thumbs automatically..
      the other red thumb guy must be sleeping.

      well I guess it comes down to believing in management or not.. and I can see why some people are
      frustrated/angry we haven't heard anything yet.. but I for one sitll think we are in the "window" where
      it would make sense for the results to be released.

      I hope I am right and all the red thumb dudes are wrong..
      I just dare somebody to not close out their short position though.. imo that is unnecessary gambling..

      just saying

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