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  • terryandyolanda terryandyolanda Oct 14, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

    Prediction from Johnsonstarfish was correct

    Last week Johnsonstarfish said that when news comes out about Lympro the market will barely pop back
    to .08 or maybe .10 if that. He was spot on! The market barely nudged from its current trend. People are kind of "Ho-hum" right now. Good news precipitates the demand for more and more outstanding news. And that will mean endless juicy debates and comments for the next quarter or more.

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    • bhuston77 Oct 14, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

      Except at what point do longs start to ask whether or not today's news and the company's current cap at ~$30M is a steal? Forget being a millionare by Xmas, but isn't the current pps worth a look at a double? I think so. Even fully diluted, .11 pps or $77M cap is still cheap with a long-term view given the company's current prospects.

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      • What was the reaction when penicillin was announced? or gun powder? Telephone? If this is what I think it is then it will take time for people and the market to understand what the potential is. If, for example, he proves he has a bullet proof method for detecting AD, then PD, then brain injuries, and so forth. And then he says he has the antidote and he can prove it.

      • Steal now, steal up to $0.07. Just need better communication from the Corporate Offices. Faith in execution is everything in order to remove company risk with shareholders. There is nothing AMBS can do with regard to Washington so better to be transparent and over communicate then to do this silent treatment thing.

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