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  • yzzycz yzzycz Oct 22, 2013 12:42 AM Flag

    The MC is so low than if somebody would be really interested in MANF

    they buy whole AMBS at once. 30M is like nothing for Pfizer and others. Why to listes Gerald and split $$$ with him if they can have it all almost for free.

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    • You really are stupid. So you think Pfizer could buy all our shares on the open market for 30 million? We have over 500 million outstanding shares, soon to be 700 million shares. Do you know how much the stock price would go up if someone bought just 1 million shares in a single block? (If you even could?) The ask price would go up immediately. I would like to see someone start trying to buy up our stock. It would drive us to over 1 Billion in market cap in days!

    • A large Pharma company would have to pay about 3-5x that or 90M to $150M. This is still nothing to a Big Pharma. I don't think they would make a move like that right now. The science is not far enough along, yet. I would imagine they would be more likely to create a partnership and they could pay AMBS a small amount like $15-25M to advance MANF a little further. They would have to pay more for the franchise at that point, but there is less risk after Phase 1, and it would still be an amount that would be considered small for BP.

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