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  • ino_ate ino_ate Oct 23, 2013 8:11 PM Flag

    Uh hoo! This MB has degenerated to Personal attacks!

    Let us give these personal attacks a rest, Guys! Let us stick to the facts and make a factual presentation whether you are a Short or Long! I must say that in fairness, Risk also personally attacked Bigbang unnecessarily in my opinion! I guess, If you dish it, you got to take it. Anyway, let's put a stop to this nonsense!

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    • THat coffee guy is killing the board, especially attacking risk return??? where did that come from. Placed the ranting banshee on ignore. Cleared my headache right up :)

    • You are damn right If you dish it, you got to take it."

      Just read how RR ticked off Watson and BB. Sure everyone has personal agenda, but the personal attack and nonsense that RR posted, is not acceptable. He needs to stick to his own posts/threads and type whatever he wants.

      By the way, RR is basically carrying forward Watson's pumps on IHUB. Just read RR's nonsense speculations there. What a hypocrite. This SOB is the reason this board has degenerated ever since he came on Sept 2.

      I am no Watson/BB who kept quite to RR's crapy remarks. I will keep reminding everyone here how RR cons real investors who want to see the company grow. RR has promoted shorting and pumping on no news on other message boards. Just read his Aug posts.

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      • Cold, you've made your point! Speculation is what everyone does on the board. If they had hard news then will be criminals. But you are right that, "I can speculate while others if they do are Pumpers" attitude is wrong headed! However, Risk is right that $15 PT in 6 months, with what we know is on the horizon, is shall we say, wishful thinking. But, he could have made that point without ripping people. Let us not make the same mistake attacking Risk or anyone else! I may be mistaken, but you attacked Risk's wife if my memory serves me right. If true, you went beyond the pale, notwithstanding, any instigation for the attack. I see you have been busy the last few hours. I am sure there are some valid points in all your many posts today. So let us try to keep it civil going forward. I am sure that you would agree. Good Luck!

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    • I would stop, once Risk (the pumper) realizes he has no business trashing and telling posters to "get lost". Every one is entitled to his/her opinion. The worst part is RR would type nonsense on others' posts here, calling them wolves, and then RR goes back to IHUB and basically pumps the same stuff. He has been hammered by many posters there for his nonsense speculations.

      RisRetrun168 (the pumper) recently posted on IHUB:

      "Gerald is banking on Novartis getting us well above .10 cents and possibly even closer to the 200 to 300 million market cap range so we can up list in the first half of 2014."

      True longs like me have seen such trash posted here earlier this year. RR must realize there are true longs here whose average is still 0.12+. Risk has no interest in the company. Check his SNTA posts. Remember the poster Anheim? Such idiots are cons+pumpers and need to be weed out. We do not need such losers. What a bag full of trash.

    • ino_ate: I attacked Bigbang on his price target of $15 in 6 to 12 months here. I asked him to show how that could possibly be a reasonable expectation. Is that wrong for me to point that out? If you believe he was sincere...God bless you. You can send him a post card in Tansmania on his sabbatical.

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      • Sure, you can point whatever you want, no problems with that. But you have resorted to derogatory language, abuse, harassment. You are quick to call posters wolves, cons, pumpers, bashers, losers, jokers blah blah.

        You think that every trash you post on IHUB is "reasonable expectation"? Why are you making these stupid Saarma speculations? So what if their team got a grant? It is not the first time they have got major grant. Just because you are invested in AMBS you think you can start fabricating wild speculations? You are a buffoon with no education, no trading sense, no etiquette. Take you BS meter and get lost you hypocrite.

        If you dish it, you got to take it.

      • Lol! You were desperate to meet him down under? Post card is less endearing, don't you think?

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