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  • zarconimous zarconimous Oct 30, 2013 6:32 PM Flag

    Move to QB3 is MAJOR, also -beware the possible panic!

    If you know the San Francisco Bay Area at all, you know how major this is, particularly if you read the details of who is invloved. So, to all the bashers who talk about the former location of AMBS, or that they only have 3 employees, etc., find some new conspiracy theory. Also, the otcshortreport says 57% of the shares are short. So, expect manipulation tomorrow - DO NOT sell into the panic, IMHO. If we get major news it will be an awesome short squeeze. Either way, I believe there will be a nice gap up before the end of the year.

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    • It's also worth noting that QB3@953 (which houses the Janssen Lab) just officially opened today. Interesting that Amarantus is one of the first companies in the door.

    • zarconimous: Can you elaborate on the Bay Area thing and the people involved. My son in law graduated from the UCSF Dental School a 3 years ago and they lived in student housing. I'm more familiar with the restaurants in SF than I am the significance of this scientifically. Can you speculate?

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      • San Francisco is becoming THE tech hub of the universe, with many people moving from Sillicon Valley to the city. The migration is a topic that comes up at any event in SF that I go to. Rents are going through the roof and pretty much all of Market Street is now one giant construction site of new, expensive buildings. There is A LOT of money and connections in San Francisco right now. To be one of the first groups selected for an incubation type of arrangement in SF is big in my book. Big money seems to be taking them under their wing. I really cant give more than vague speculation because I don't have any inside knowledge whatsoever, nor am I scientist. But considering where they were previously located, and how they were knocked as possibly not legitimate, this is an official declaration that they are legit 100%. I think people want AMBS to have all the answers, almost like a guarantee. This is not possible. There is a risk because they are TRYING to do something new. Having more support and a being located in a place that exists to foster innovation is like another universe away from their previous, ISOLATED address.

    • So true my friend !!!!!!!!!

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