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  • mike.chavelle mike.chavelle Feb 22, 2014 9:41 PM Flag

    The best thing written today amongst all the garbage

    Courtesy of bigbuffoon123 (Sorry for stealing your remarks, This needed it's own thread and not be buried with the rest of the trash on here) Well said Big!!!!!!!

    "AMBS is trying to get RP ODD before they file the IND (being human studies). They are doing this because the OD application is smaller (easier to file) than the IND application. AMBS has little money to do the IND work, so the strategy is to file the OD application on their own - something they think they can accomplish, then go to partners and say, "Hey, we got a pre-IND OD... you want in?" Gerald tells me RP detox data will be available this summer and OD application for will be filed early 2015.

    RP is $10B annual market with NO CURE.

    In exactly a year from now, I see AMBS pps 10X (assuming no RS). If RP human trials succeed, AMBS will have a CURE for RP for the first time in human history (actually, SCMP will beat them). The pps could trade $10+ (assuming no RS).

    MANF is no ordinary chemical. It is a naturally occurring protein in all animals and its expression is increased under ER stress due to injury. AMBS/Bascom/Urano/Saarma are trying to inject MANF for various conditions to see if MANF reverses these conditions. And the results so far in animal models are outstanding.

    I am convinced beyond doubt RP MANF drug is just 3 years away. The detox data this spring will be mouthwatering"

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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