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  • caazca99 caazca99 Feb 24, 2014 7:37 PM Flag

    Dilution & Lympro-Long Analysis

    1.) I hate dilution, but the good always comes with the bad. Surprisingly, I am actually proud of Gerald and the AMBS team. So they failed to secure a grant or financing from an institution.....yeah not so great :-(....but should they just close up shop and abandon the company and it's Gerald did the right thing by re-engaging loyal investors who strongly believe in the pipeline, and structured out a warrant deal that provided the company enough cash to continue operations for the rest of the that's a hustler. If you're a long-term investor the share price doesn't matter, because intelligent people know that there's a difference between Price (daily pps) and Value (pipeline). I'm looking at Value. And the highest thing of value in the short-term is Lympro.

    2.) Lympro, In my honest opinion, is the Kingmaker here. If it fails to deliver as we "suspect" it to...then we are #$%$ 10X over. Lympro success, and revenue stream, is needed to put this company in a secure and profitable financial position. Today's news was actually amazing (in regards to Lympro)....think about it....Why is Gerald acquiring people experienced with IN & OUT Licensing? Why does the new staff have HUNDREDS of millions of dollars under their belts in "deals" made in relation to product launch and financing? Why did Gerald state in the radio interview a few days ago that Amarantus is working with BD in their labs in California in preparation for Lympro product availability in the 2nd Half of 2014? The writing is on the wall.

    3.) Finally, Dilution just presents the opportunity to buy shares at a cheaper price. I actually hope the pps drops to the levels bashers predict, 0.05, 0.04....That means when the share price increases back up to 0.08 and 0.10 you will have 2X your money....because it WILL go back usually does. R/S can happen in the future, so longs should definitely increase their holdings at these levels....just in case. :-)

    Sentiment: Buy

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