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  • smittysghost smittysghost Mar 18, 2014 2:13 PM Flag

    Spoke With Aimee In I.R.


    She did confirm that Gerald had surgery on his achilles tendon and that he would be on crutches for a while. Said it would not affect his ability to attend several upcoming conferences.

    She said that she had gotten a number of calls regarding the CNN story about the test for Alzheimer's with shareholders wanting to know why the company wasn't generating such publicity for LymPro. She said that they were having a meeting today where one of the topics was to discuss how to generate similar publicity for LymPro.

    I asked her about the LymPro update that Gerald had indicated would be forthcoming and she said that it would be released "soon" as Gerald had "tweeted".

    Obviously they are aware of the share price having fallen recently and are working to increase shareholder value long term.

    Overall it was what you would expect from the I.R. person.

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    • the_yellow_king_of_carcosa the_yellow_king_of_carcosa Mar 18, 2014 6:26 PM Flag

      Did you ask her why Gerald unfollowed you on Twitter?

    • Why would they feel the need to meet to "discuss how to generate similar publicity for LymPro" ? What they really need, is to show truly positive data from Phase 2. When AMBS bought the rights to license LymPro, back in, I think, December, 2012, Phase 1 results were 98% sensitivity / 96% specificity. More recent studies showed "up to 91% / 92%". I'm holding long. But this makes me very nervous. Forget about fluff PR's, and partnerships. Show me test results that will give me confidence that LymPro truly can be commercialized in 2H/2014, as GC has so many times suggested.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • you know why I asked riskreturn168 to send Gerald a "get well" card 2 weeks ago! I have had many conversations with both Aimee as well as Russell......they both agreed with my thoughts going forward.....but, unfortunately, were dead on arrival just as soon as the calls ended. I think at this juncture, Gerald may not have the sophistication required to inform the news agencies and various academia"s AMA, etc. This is where a Public Relations firm can be of monumental importance.

      Riskreturn168, I am please to see that you've atleast attempted to remove your rose colored glasses...for the time being.


    • My impression about AMBS is that the scientists involved with the company are the BEST! So I am very excited about the possibilities. But...they seem a little...TONE DEAF when it comes to Public Relations. For a company with as many things going for it...I could have done a better job than whoever has been handling their public relations, and I was a mere English Literature Major. They don't seem to know what to do with the positives they have!! They seem clueless about how to turn those positives into increased shareholder value. To just now be holding a meeting, after numerous shareholder complaints, to determine how to get similar publicity about LymPro is... amazing! Look at all the networks covering that other blood test last week, it was non-stop for 2 days and their blood test is way behind ours! Scientists sometimes have to be taken by the hand and shown how to do things, outside of science, that everyone else takes for granted. I don't think it ever occurred to them that they could raise shareholder value by doing a media blitz over LymPro!! Bless their hearts.

    • bhuston77 Mar 18, 2014 2:16 PM Flag

      That's a horrible response. That meeting should have taken place long before their competition scooped them as the "first in kind" blood test.

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