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  • financetrader95 financetrader95 Mar 20, 2014 9:12 AM Flag

    Continuous PPS Drop

    I think for most long-time shareholders here it may seem somewhat obvious as to what the continued PPS drop is for. I believe that Gerald has the ammunition completely ready but insists on shaking out weak hands and allowing other investors to have the chance at cheap shares for when the big news is announced. Overall, it is impossible to say if this is the true case or how long it may continue but it seems blatantly obvious to me as to what is taking place. Longs should appreciate this move and take advantage of it (if able) instead of bashing Gerald until he actually does let us down. The possibility that material information is in the hands of closely-tied individuals is also not out of the question. While these people may be favored for this PPS drop to load up on shares, everyone needs to realize how prominent this is with any stock in the world...just pay attention to option volume and announcements that move those options in the money with any name on the market. Is it crude and illegal? Sure, just realize it happens everywhere. Good luck everyone.

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    • PS If this was two sepeate posts you'd be right twice.

    • Don't get me wrong as I have been posting similarly lately. This has much insider game attached to it. So you mention weak hands though. I assume you mean a weak hand is one that sells and moves on? Many ppl close to the company plus many with whale size shares have been selling at the tops and rebuying at lower points. That they rebuy remakes them strong hands? I guess if Joe Average hasn't done enough DD then he isn't entitled to a good investment because just before that investment turns to gold a CEO can beat his hands to a pulp with a 20 lb sledge hammer? Lol I get what you're saying but you are saying 2 different things. Which one do you mean?

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