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  • badnewsbull29 badnewsbull29 Apr 12, 2014 10:17 PM Flag

    Dr. Saarma owns the patent to MANF2

    No wonder the drop Friday.
    Whole new ball game now.
    No telling what Monday will bring.

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    • OK, go to Google. Type in Hermo Pharma. That is Saarma's company that he cofounded in 2008. Go to pipeline. look for any mention of MANF. It is not there. Because they lost. They have CDNF, which is MANF2. That is in preclinical for Parkinson's.

      Or type in Hermo Pharma and MANF on Google. It will change it to Hermo Pharma and Manuf. Click on the did you mean MANF? Then 40 hits will pop up. Most are publications. There is a slide set that says CDNT is better than MANF without showing any data. Hmmm... If they have any rights to MANF, would they be bashing it on their slideset (without showing data)? Probably would only do that if they are competing with MANF, right?

    • Don't believe the pumpers do your own DD.
      Just don't tell them, they'll get pissy.

    • Never asked anyone to believe me.
      I state not to believe anyone on this MB.
      The pumpers here already tried to pump Dr. Saarmas findings
      Well Google to find out what Dr.Saarma is working with.
      You'll find AMBS doesn't own it.

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      • Badnews,
        Try twitter.


        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Badnews, since you are a basher and have an agenda. What price are you looking to buy AMBS at. Just curious 6c 7c???

      • Bankerboy/badnews: AMBS owns the IP rights to MANF for all the important diseases we are interested in. Hermo Phara, the company Saarma was involved with, copied a variation of MANF and called it MANF2, or CDNF. Eventhough Saarma's company developed MANF2/CDNF, and they attempted to challenge AMBS's patent protection in European Courts and lost, Saarma is taking his time to research our version of MANF for Diabetes. His research has been funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Association not Hermo Pharma. The primary purpose of this research is not for commercial reasons, but for pure scientific reasons. Gerald complemented Saarma for his work, grateful that his science confirms Dr. Urano's science, whose research also generated a patent on MANF, prior to Saarma. We have the IP rights to MANF and have licensed Urano's patented invention. Saarma can't create a drug to cure Diabetes using MANF without going through AMBS. This is what Gerald has made perfectly clear in his tweets today, and which you are stupidly attempting to obscure!

    • You realize MANF does not = MANF2. But MANF2 = CDNF. Completely different protein. Its like saying who knows what Monday will bring for Amarantus because Amgen owns the rights to Erythropoietin (Epogen). You are just dumb. I am sorry.

    • Try Google...

      SUNNYVALE, Calif., Nov. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Amarantus BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB: AMBS), a biotechnology company developing new treatments and diagnostics for Parkinson's disease and Traumatic Brain Injury centered on its proprietary anti-apoptosis therapeutic protein MANF, today announced the Opposition Division of the European Patent Office upheld Amarantus Bioscience's European Patent relating to neurotrophic factor MANF, following opposition by rival Hermo Pharma OY of Finland.
      The Opposition Division held that the Opponent's arguments did not prejudice the maintenance of the Patent as originally granted, with broad claims covering MANF and its derivatives. The Opponent had not contested the validity of the Patent on the basis of novelty or inventive step, but had objected to the broad scope of the claims. However, after due consideration of comprehensive legal and technical oral submissions from both sides, the Opposition Division rejected the Opponent's arguments and upheld the claims without restriction.
      "This is a highly significant decision for Amarantus, after an extended period of uncertainty," said Marc Wilkinson PhD, European Patent Attorney of UK firm Avidity IP, representing Amarantus. "The Opposition Division's decision validates broad protection for MANF and derivatives across major European jurisdictions."

    • badnewsbull29
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      try Google.

    • Badnewsbull because the new ball game is simply you have no balls!! Spreading BS because you know its time to own shares in AMBS. Learn how and when to invest on the square and you wont have to resort to being a sociopathic lying thief!!

    • You created an alias to spread this #$%$? Saarma already lost in court. Stop being a manipulative butt plug.

    • All you have to do is Google MANF2 and Saarma.
      It will bring up the patent.
      I would almost not say anything and sell my shares quickly Monday, but I am debating what will be left for AMBS.
      It is a sad day.
      Don't believe me Google it.

    • New alias: What is your link showing this information? It flies in the face of every major piece of research many have done on this.

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      • Finding this information is simple. Google search Saarma patent MANF2. The hard part is, understanding a single word of it once you find it. One thing I do know, is that, on Dec.18, 2013, I doubled my position in AMBS, strictly because of their strong intellectual property portfolio. But was I naive in the way I interpreted GC's comments from the press release that came out that day? Because as I read it, Amarantus certainly looked to be sitting in a powerful position with it's wonder-molecule, MANF. But how am I, just one small-time investor, to be certain?

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