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  • garrro4go garrro4go May 5, 2014 5:07 PM Flag

    The share price hit 14 cents at the end of January of this year, only 4 months ago

    Why has the share price totally crashed from a high of 14 cents at the end of January to only 7 cents now?
    The share price would have to go up 100% just to equal where it was at the end of January.
    I guess thumbs down means that you do NOT like facts presented here.

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    • LOL 1+1=2 8*3=24 8+1=9

      All facts but useless in regards to AMBS

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • mfm401kvp : Let's be mature here. As I have said, whatever I or anyone else has to say on this message board will not affect the long-term SP of AMBS (unless there is insider information leaks, of which I do not have or want). Everything I have said, I have tried to back up with facts and it represents my opinion given all available information. I always welcome an intellectual debate. If I feel that there is reason to change my thesis, I will gladly thank you for the new knowledge and move on as I have done in the past. The last time I have checked, this message board is for both long and not act so noble just because you are long, in the end we are all here to make money. Whatever you call me, long or short, I do not care.

      I have recently been compelled to start posting due to the to the unsubstantiated hype that I am seeing on this board. Despite potential, AMBS is still a penny stock and with it comes inherent risk. THerefore, it is prudent to be cautious and take both sides of argument to heart.

      The thumbs up on your statement on operating loss just highlights the blind optimism on this board. Operating profit/loss (EBIT) is not "aka retained earnings." to say that is to ignore all non-operating items. But I am sure you meant to say that and I am sure you graduated from a top 25 school and have a nice finance job. Starting an argument about petty accounting terms or personal attacks are all but moot let us save some breath.

    • Sell. Get out. No profit here. Get to the sidelines before you lose it all. Loser

    • If you look at the history of the Company in the past twelve month, there were really two huge spikes in SP, one I believe happened around labor day of last year in Sept and another one early this year. The reason for that?

      Lympro news around sept (BD & positive data from what I can remember)...people jumped on. But got scared because of lack of partnership (concerns about the company's going concern), ambiguity from management regarding commercialization and company direction, and profit taking (keep in mind, this went from $0.04 to $0.13 in a 3-4 months).

      In Dec. more news came about regarding Lympro and MANF rumors, of which many have been confirmed as facts or anticipated plans today (diabetes news, 2014 commercialization of Lympro, etc.).

      If you look back within just the last twelve months, so MUCH has happened, AMBS is not the same Company anymore. Not only has the asset grown significantly, the Company's reputation has gained weight in the community as well. The Company added several industry experts who are taking a specialized role in the Company, instead of just GC running around doing 20 things at once. Twelve months ago AMBS was still selling shares just to pay off interest on debt. Now we have a $19MM line of credit and possible revenue streams in the next 7 months. This translates to uplisting on the Nasdaq, which will lead to new investors with deep pockets.

      Yes, it will run out of cash very soon and will continue to operate at a large loss even with Lympro's revenue. And yes, there will be dilution down the road and yes there will be a R/S to uplist. But given the Company's track record, the risks may very well pay off.

      Also, let's not forget Risk joining the message board around the time of the first SP spike.

    • stocks go up and down. I think many of us understand that. So if that's your point, you aren't telling us anything we don't already know. You can go back to fudge packing your underage boyfriend.

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