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  • lyondell.heisenberg lyondell.heisenberg May 7, 2014 10:50 AM Flag

    The importance of up listing....

    I remember when back in the days ACAD was trading at $0.75 in early 2010 and how excited I was to wake up one day in 2011 to find the stock had jumped to almost $2. But it didn’t stop there, it slowly trended to $4 and eventually jumped to $20 by last summer.

    So why did it jump from $4 to $20? Sure, it released excellent Phase III data on its blockbuster drug (not enough to justify almost $2BN in market cap), but it also attracted the attention of one of the most successful biotech funds, Baker Brothers (BB), which began accumulating shares in the $ millions. Along with BB, other institutions and investors all jumped in and fueled the strong momentum.

    This highlights the importance of an up list to the value of the Company. Right now big money (large investment institutions) cannot buy AMBS due internal screening requirements. OTC is making brokerages and market makers a ton of money, since the stock can be easily manipulated (Wolf of Wall Street style) it doesn’t do any good for shareholders. We have many longs, but a few fragmented buys here and there would be hard to support the SP.

    Unless highly material news is released, it is unlikely AMBS will see the giant pop ( 50%) that everyone has been talking about; instead it will likely see a smaller pop and slowly trend higher.

    From my own experience, it has definitely been more profitable to buy in when a biotech stock low and extend your investment horizon. With so much volatility, the longer you wait, the more likely you will get a swing in the direction you want (and probably a few swings in the direction that will make you sweat). Some people have traded these swings successfully, but I have neither the time nor patience for that, so to each is their own.

    However, no matter what your strategy is, investors should see the long-term picture and realize that the REAL momentum will not begin until the big boys join the party.

    To sum this rant up: ‘You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…”

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    • yeah, except acad was never on the BB. the difference with ambs is the dilution and billion+ outstanding shares. an RS without explicit agreements from institutions will cause the pps to nose dive. we hear the same old stuff, do an RS to attract institutions, but guess what it never happens.

    • Yes, uplisting is paramount for any investor to have confidence because of the minimum requirements to be on the big boards. It doesn't make anyone really fuzzy when you are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into a company, and they have $1 million dollar in cash. That just tells you that they can disappear any time if something goes wrong...that is not a good place to be.

      But even better than uplisting is cash and non-dilutive financing. Rich people don't like a company to dilute them. They want the company to reinvest their own revenue and grow the company without affecting their own investment capital base. So to me, when GC said they may want to spin off the diagnostic portion, that is the most stupid thing that can happen for a start-up with no cash. That is the quickest way for large investor funds to look somewhere else to invest. I like MANF and elt, but they need a lot of cash to yes, they need to uplist to really get those moving.

      So everything hinges on LymPro Test making it on time since they don't have much cash to really keep going. No one is banking on NuroPro. And I think they will realize that market penetration of this test will be very slow at the beginning. We have launched some products for my big pharma employer that we thought we take over the market as there was no other product like it, but it was really slow. You need to really build up data and get your sales/marketing force into the field for anyone to even try it.

    • Good post. Patience is key if you believe in the science and centuries of mgmt experience. Not much anyone can do but wait.

    • I'm with you on the big boys, but I stand firm that no R/S will be needed if all the catalysts come to fruition.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Using a tenth of that as a base. I would be happy to have $2.00 by Summer of 2017. With 3 hours left in the trading day, weak volume indicates most shareholders are holding. You will always have some weak hands who have to sell because they don't have the strength to hold a very high risk investment long term. You also have flippers who are making tons off of this stock and that is their skill. I am long and holding long term. My buying is done, as I have my position in place. I am in at about .046 avg.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Very well put.

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