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  • meifud meifud Jun 5, 2014 12:37 PM Flag

    is there even a market for an alzheimers diagnostic


    besides the fact that a lot of folks just don't want to know there is the problem with false positives
    if the diagnostic is not 100% accurate it has the potential to cause a lot of harm as people react, change their lives, maybe quit jobs, maybe even worse
    investors here seem to be placing a lot of hope on this being a big seller, but the market could be very limited and not very profitable

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    • Are you really that stupid? When Alzheimers' only definitive diagnosis is when the brain is autopsied I would rather have a 92% chance of getting a positive diagnosis then having it written on my death certificate that indeed that is what it was, especially if in the future there are treatments that can be started to mitigate brain function loss . Sure you can get a blood test for AIDS/HIV, Hep C, etc but even those have inaccurate results as well, so should those be pulled from the market too? Dumb #$%$.

    • something to consider. A diagnostic isn't the cure. I think meifud has a valid point for discussion instead of reactionary bashing.

    • Is there even an audience for a message board douche?
      Not anymore...... ignored!

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    • ...maybe even worse means suicide right?

      Keep in mind, Lympro under CLIA will be conducting tests for other pharms/biotechs for their clinical testing on drugs treating Alzheimer’s. The benefit of an early diagnostic is that, instead of finding a cure for patients who are already diagnosed (suffered permanent damage to the brain from the disease), other biotechs (or AMBS) can effectively start looking for ways to prevent the disease before it even occurs or at very early stages (which is almost impossible to detect). In addition, Lympro will have the ability to distinguish different types of Alzheimer’s to further complement early diagnosis.

      After FDA approval, Lympro will have higher market penetration as AMBS will be able to market it through multiple channels. At $800-$1200 a pop, I doubt people will be quitting their jobs or beating their wives as suggested. Perhaps taking daily baths in a tub full of MANF would be more appropriate ;) I kid.

      According to the official government website, “More than $200 billion is spent annually treating Alzheimer’s, which is more than 400 times the amount spent on finding a cure. For every dollar the federal government spends today on the costs of Alzheimer’s care, it invests less than a penny in research to find a cure.” So the government, is very interested in finding ways to prevent or treat the disease in its early stages, rather than spending $200BN a year treating mid-late stage patients when the costs are the highest.

    • You sound like you have some medical background. Must be another doctor with a revoked medical license and narcissistic disorder. Hahahahaha!!!

    • My my... anyone who hasn't kept up with the news might ask a silly question like that. Not this company's news, THE INDUSTRY and POLITICAL news.

      Go find a baby seal to club, the investors here are much smarter than you.

    • No words to express on this post. Truly ignorant!

    • Wow. This is like saying we can't invent the wheel because there are no cars yet to put them on.

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    • Yawn. This same silly nonsense has been said over and over before by that nutjob Joboggi over at Ihub. I give your bash here an F. It lacks originality, sense and not backed up by anything factual. There are many tests out there being performed that are not 100 percent.

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