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  • smittysghost smittysghost Jun 14, 2014 10:52 AM Flag

    Why $AMBS's Share Price Is Going Much Higher


    $AMBS's share price will continue to climb. Lincoln Park Capital (LPC) is committed to investing $20M with the tranches occurring at the time Gerald decides to sell the shares. The shares will be sold at no discount to the market. Considering the company's current cash on hand the first sale to LPC will occur when the share price is in the the .25-.30 range or higher. A number of expected milestones such as the news of a LymPro partnership which is expected at any time will take it there.

    LPC knows that when it is announced that it has invested another $4-$5 million in $AMBS that the news will spike the share price especially as it will happen as milestones are achieved. Knowing that it will be purchasing shares at .25 it's obviously in LPC's best interest to purchase millions of cheap shares at the current low price and as it climbs towards the .25 range. It's one of the smartest investments that LPC can make currently. It's similar to you placing a bet on something for which you already know the outcome. When LPC made the decision to invest $20,000,000 in the company I can only imagine the due diligence that occurred to allow LPC to make the decision knowing they would be purchasing shares at no discount to the market. Obviously they had access to information that we don't have as retail investors.

    Cavendish Global becoming a supporter with their associates having over $200B in investment capital will also contribute to the share price continued move higher.

    The milestones and catalysts that will occur over the next weeks, months, and years make $AMBS the best investment opportunity in the market.

    99% of the individuals that will own shares in $AMBS two years from now still haven't heard of the company or it's products. LymPro and MANF are about to change that.

    Don't miss "buying" at the bottom. It isn't going lower.

    "The next Amgen in it's infancy."

    Twitter: @AmarantusBio .... 10,000 followers.

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    • Solantey, good discussion. You know that before LPC layed 20MLL on the table that they had to see the collateral, and obviously were Impressed as was Cavendish! As JP has been stating, the associates are going to continue to gobble up the shares in preparation for milestones to be PR'd in the very near future. Great opportunity here at this level! Have a restful weekend!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nah, it has to be because you are a serial poster here and on MNKD message board.

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