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  • riskreturn168 riskreturn168 Jul 3, 2014 1:25 PM Flag

    Joboggi's Highjacked IHUB

    Here is an example of a post Joboggi got deleted by the Administration there because he said it was "Off Topic." "Jembers: I was stuck in INSY for a few years and it went no where. It always had promise and that's why I stayed, but it was frustrating. It too was pre-clinical with it's major drug. But once it started earning revenue, the stock shot up from $8 to over $80 in about 8 months. THE MARKET LOVES REVENUE!! Don't forget that.
    In AMBS' case, we have no revenue. Thus, we are not trading very well. BUT....LymPro's revenue will start in another 6 months. That by itself still would not move our pps in the near term. BUT....there are two things that will happen in the next 2 months that will move our stock: 1) REVENUE GUIDANCE, forecasting the revenue in a way the market can digest, and 2) A BIG PHARMA PARTNER! If the partner pays us 50 to 100 million dollars, they are putting their money where Gerald's mouth is, giving his revenue guidance massive credibility! So by September 1st we will definitely move higher. I'd say somewhere in the .20 to .30 cent range. To go higher will depend on the release of concrete MANF data for RP and Wolframs, and their orphan designations by the FDA. We might even get a partnership or two from MANF by the end of the year. Maybe one before we up list and one right after? Also, as we approach Eltoprazine's trial, a grant to help fund it will also give us a boost.
    So it is hard to say where we'll be by November 1st when I predict is the approx. time we'll up list. I would say the lowest would be .30 cents and the highest over $1.00. Also, don't forget LPC and their associates are going to be buying up the remainder of the float so that when our big catalysts hit and the volume peaks, we'll experience a kind of "squeeze" spiking the pps upward.
    I am also confident Gerald has a few institutions like JP Morgan, Fidelity, etc to start taking up large positions after the up list to keep the pps up.
    Don't get discouraged by all the clown

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