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  • pokeysun pokeysun Aug 13, 2014 10:13 PM Flag

    Gerald CEO and Trust

    can someone give me 3 good reasons as to why i should trust this guy
    as a ceo of a co you have to be honest... you cant mislead etc..
    does anyonelse feel this way or am i being overreactive
    my gut is saying dont trust this guy

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Since you asked, here's my take on the guy. I don't distrust him per se. I understand that it's his job to try to make everything look rosy, however, I believe that he's now beyond his level of competency. That is to say, he's out of his league and should be replaced by someone with greater capabilities. When my house needs a new roof, I don't call a handyman or the relative of a good roofer, I call an experienced, reputable roofer. Same theory applies here.

    • Gerald does many things correct, some he still needs to learn and he will. I will say though (sarcastically) that he does an excellent job tweeting vague information about the company that people set to high expectations for and that fuels the pump and dump. So would give his PR skills to date a C-, overall though an A.

    • Why don't you newbies just go back to having your head buried in the sand. All you are doing here is asking the same stupid question over and over, I guess so you can have a sense of participation. You are just stiring up the same negative #$%$ from respected people on here, some of whom seemed to just reverse field a little bit again by going back to making intelligent responses. This whole thing needs to put to bed for a night, I think, or at least think a little before posting, especially with the same question rephrased.

    • pokey, He has lost all credibility. If this was a large,established company, he would not be qualified to be a jr. Vice President.
      He has been misleading us for months, almost to the point of being dishonest.
      I don't trust a word he says right now. JMHO

    • pokey

      note that no one so far has answered your question. they have all defected, telling you to believe in something else. even scappy says, "yeah he screwed up, but trust him because he has cool friends" that tells you something, doesnt it?

    • Trust in the science.

    • Trust your instincts. If there is one thing I always believe it is that. Don't come on a board asking someone to convince you to go against your gut.

      That being said, you did just that, so here goes!

      1. He has actually had a pretty good track record. Look it up yourself and look at the PPS growth which supports that fact and does not look like the PPS growth of a scamming penny stock. The fact that he has slipped up - big - is the exception to the rule. Don't know if he did it knowingly but if he didn't he did it with a pretty big naivete.

      2. His Dad is a well respected scientist and shares a lot of the responsibility of the company with him. They do not take huge take-home pay, which they could with the amount of money they've been able to get through dilutive financing. Instead, they are taking a longer term view and doing without.

      3. David Lowe is a consultant who agreed to join the BOD for Amarantus. He could have remained a consultant without hitching his ride to a scammy company. If the company were indeed a scam, he would have been well positioned to sniff it out. Instead, his reputation could stand to be tarnished.

      Conclusion? Follow your gut. You should probably ignore all three reasons I provide. That's why I trust him, but that trust may not last forever, and it could be unfounded. Don't invest what you can't afford to lose in its entirety.

    • yes you are being over reactive and ignorant... . .. 3 reasons.. are the 3 steps to uplist.. Lympro Partnership, Eltoprazine 1st patient in..., MANF orphan designation.. but please do yourself a favor and follow your gutless self and GTF outta here

    • holeinone1965 Aug 13, 2014 10:24 PM Flag

      1.) Board of advisors
      2.) Science
      3.) Transperency

      Know what you own!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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