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  • investwhore06 investwhore06 Feb 2, 2005 4:11 PM Flag

    Revs = $23.8 Million

    Slightly over est.

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    • Another thought on the appointment....As in my earlier post. A pantent is only as good as the money you have to defend it... In this case the money is in the General counsles pay check.. I see this as a huge positive for a company that lives or dies on innovation (patents).

    • That depends... see my earlier post on the legal issue... again... I am not a actually....

      But I have patents and have had to make sure they were sound. and have tracked in detail legal fights over patents (fortanatly not mine - my ideas were to wacky to try and steal).

      The finding of fact in the court case will tell a lot about who has a leg to stand on and who needs to fold... Thats when the out of court should come.... However, if there is a technical point that is in contention and both parties decide they have a shot at wining and that lossing the rights to the technology would be worse then the legal bills.. then you could have a nasty fight.

      This is actually mildly likely. Monolithic needs a break (in my oppinion) O2 doesn't.... Is it possible that Monolithic will go for broke and either win big in court or go broke? Yes.. but not likely (if they try their stock is sunk).

      I would give it a 90% chance that this gets settled quitly.. either dismissed after the finding of fact or a small settlement. The bad news is legal stuff takes a couple of years easy.

      Time will tell....

    • my guess is that's why they appointed her VP
      I am sure that most patent cases are settled out of court?

    • My thoughts on why...

      Because they are not making money and have at least one other active litigation going on...

      They really don't need another legal drain...especially with other problems...

      Litigation takes a lot of money... general rule...the one with more money will often win...

      Patents are only as good as the money available to defend them.. I know I have three patents...My grandad had several... the ones that do well are the ones that have good ideas AND money to defend them.

    • why is MPWR screwed?

    • i was impressed at the top line, eager about the back half of '05. the defense of intellectual ppty is huge, on the ccall they syted they believe the could get a royalty stream from samsung. that is huge!!! MPWR is basically screwed. samsung may not want to go to court on this one, but rather just take OIIM over. it's a small acquistion for them at say 14-15/shr. strip out cash and recievables they would be paying about 30x 05 earns for them. not a bad play. next q looks to be on par with this one, which is good, considering a seasonal slow down in laptops. stock will trade with a 10 in front of it tom. ps i had some good luck shorting amzn into their numbers i wll be shorting more tom on the open. amzn to trade into the high 20's

    • I stand corrected and apologize if this mislead anyone.

    • investwhore06,

      The part of your post I felt was misleading was the characterization of the litigation expenses as being from a "large customer". I think the lion's share of the litigation costs involve Monolithic Power Systems, a competitor, and some of Monolithic's customers.

      O2 is in the process of suing other companies, including Samsung, which may be O2 customers. But whether any of the companies they are suing is a "large customer" or not is incidental to the central issue of the litigation, which is patent infringement.

    • You said it...

      I am long also from a few days ago... I am very pleased... and I like the looks of the after market trading...nice to be in at the right time for once.

    • Where did you get that?

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