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  • scubawolfe scubawolfe Mar 27, 2009 7:40 PM Flag

    Zorro, I apologize for asking ...

    I did not mean for you to do my DD or even recommend the stock(s) one way or the other. I was simply hoping for may a reference to the date of a prior post or other identification of some of your past posts outlining your thoughts. In any event, I apologize for the misunderstanding. Wish you the best with your investments.


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    • Wrong. It is Diego DE LA Vega.

    • Perhaps - Don Diego Vega....

      Only geezers would get that

    • Buundawg - If you are familiar with Z's lingo on his posts, his new ID is easy to find. Since most newbies won't be too familiar with how Zorro has addressed things in the past it will cut down on the chatter directed his way. I do understand his request since he seems to get bombarded with questions because of his insight and DD.

      I already found it quite quickly...just keep it to yourself if you do find it since zorro has requested a certain level of anonymity and he is still posting good messages on the various boards.

    • Z - I disagree.

      80%+ of everything posted on these boards is crap. If people were ignoring other good posts to focus on yours, that would be one thing. I don't do that, I read all that make sense. And it's easier to find ones that make sense by reading a person's posting history and back tracking the threads he's posted on.

      You can do what you want, but by hiding you are only cuting off your nose to spite your face.

    • Nah, it's cool, not your fault, mine. But don't rely on an avatar name for information, you don't know who I am (was), I could be completely full of crap, a kid, or a guy in a loony bin making up numbers for the fun of it. It's very easy to sound convincing on the internet.

      Posts by anyone should be used as leads to follow up (and for amusement of course, posting is fun). Even for people (avatars) that usually post good stuff, I don't rely on their posts at face value, I go read the Q's and K's and everything else myself, no offense.

      In any case, there's ton of posts on SHO here by many people, if you just scan down the thread you'll pick up all kinds of stuff very quickly.

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      • Zorro,
        It's always a pleasure to see a first class brain working at a very high level. Even if you never offer us any more of your cogent insights, it's been a delight to hear from you on many boards, and for me it makes this difficult time much more bearable.
        Thank you

      • Zorro buddy, I hear your frustration.

        You type your messages in a well organized, easy to understand way. People find value in your methods. In that you should find some comfort.

        However that doesn't mean you are *required* to respond to everyone who asks. I know how much you are on and doing your homework. Just remember you are supposed to be retired and its ok to take a break now and then :)

        Try assigning homework when someone asks you too many questions. Teach them to fish so to speak. If that doesn't help you feel better, then take a vacation...maybe go stay in one of SHO's many hotels!

        I stayed in the Times Square Doubletree a few years ago. Easy location to walk to a variety of broadway shows.

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