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  • manboking manboking Feb 24, 1998 7:21 PM Flag

    You're BUSTED for being too stupid

    As we approach the 52 week low of $16.00, it appears to me,that the earnings momentum of an estimated over $3.00 earnings, will likely offer support to this issue from further decline (P.E. Ratio of 5.3 based on foward looking earnings).

    I will cast my buy vote by placing another buy order at that
    price, so to average down my initial entry price of $25.50,
    except this time plan on buying twice as many shares as
    I did initially, since the long term trend on the price of
    the commodity remains UP, not Down.

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    • Was expecting 3.00 earnings by December 1998, but I'm afraid I
      was being to conservative, looks like they will be closer to $3.50, Oh well.
      Averaging down was a great strategy and all those waiting for 12.00 a share got left, sucking wind.
      This message is a follow-up to my message of 2/24.
      Is good to be rigth once in a while.

    • at 16 per share all indications are to buy. some houston company is looking long and hard at pds. jump on now while the time is right

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      • "some houston company"-?
        "16 per share"-?

        HAL is said to be buying DI, both giant Dallas outfits, but PDS and some Houston co.? Which co., and who says so? I like an unsupported, upside rumor as much as the next investor, but could you please elaborate on this a little? There's nothing here for anyone to go on and, as a minor quibble, PDS closed at $17.00...

        Seriously, tell us more, please. Good luck to all.

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