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  • manboking manboking Mar 29, 1999 12:26 PM Flag

    Trend Positive now

    On 3/26/99 PDS broke a double top (point and
    figure) chart trend, most likely scenario is
    The trend is now positive and accumulation of the
    stock at this price should prove very
    Good luck to all on this message board that have
    endure a long dry spell.

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    • Are you all getting this.I knew it would be an
      exciting day from yesterdays worldwide developments in oil
      and gas but I really did not think my hopes of a new
      2 year high would actually happen.Hold on to what
      you have got or maybe get some more.Even if oil drops
      a buck tomorow it won't matter because it just
      keeps bouncing back like a dead cat.I really doubt it
      will drop like that tomorow though.There is definite
      stregth in the product and the industry is way under
      producing.North america is reseiving double the amount of imports
      as last year and it just keeps getting sucked up
      into those brand new chevy suburbans ,
      tahoes,expeditions,rovers,and ford explorers.Yesterday the Asian economic
      crisis was declared over by some think tank in
      washington D.C.When those exports begin getting diverted to
      Asia watch out America-crude is going to the moon.By
      the way before I go I will let you all know my two
      other faivorites in the industry just in case you have
      not read enough garbage already.Tesco Drilling
      Technology-teo symbol toronto and Prudential Steel-pts symbol
      toronto.They both seem quite reasonably valued,have lots of
      upside potential,have great track records and as the
      Canadian Shareholders Association would probably say are
      great stocks not grief stocks.Stay away from those
      rainbow future companies that never fulfill promises.take

    • Chiguagua....! (Spanish exclamation for
      ...look at the volume almost 1/2 million shares already
      and still have 2.5 hours left. Forgot to mention
      6) Computalog has a contract with Halliburton to
      purchase Logging technology developed by HAl, and that is
      another plus.
      Go Precision....!

    • Truthsky....thank you for the very informative
      posting, rig count in Canada is very close to the levels
      of last year at this same time, as the price of
      natural gas contracts get past the end of summer by fall
      we should be in fine form.
      The purchase of
      Computalog will:
      1). Add technological capabilities in
      directional drilling
      2). add ability to offer drilling and
      completion packages
      3). acces to more international
      markets, and to the U.S.
      4). speed up penetration of
      new technologies, and
      5). enhance and broaden PDS
      status for purchase by another Co.

    • According to the Canadian Association of Oilwell
      Drilling Contractors the toal count is now 250.In Alberta
      183,Sask 44,
      BC 16,NWT 2.The Drilling Records
      Department can be reached at 403-262-2786 in Alberta.By the
      way Wednesday June 30 will be one hot and heavy
      trading day on nymex in New York with all the action near
      the close and after the close of the market today.In
      California and many east coast states a stage one electrical
      emergency was declared as a result of the hot and humid
      weather.That will sure pick natural gas up.And for the second
      week in a row the API # show a suprising drop in
      reserves in both gasoline and crude supplies.That is a no
      brainer.Gasoline has been trading up 8 cents in after hours
      trading tonite in New York.There were numerous upgrades
      in the oil and gas industry today including a change
      from buy to market outperform on cheveron by the
      brokerage firm Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette.To end this
      bit of raving I would have to think that tomorow is
      as fabulous of a day that Precision Drilling could
      be announcing to the world on the front page of
      Canada's business pages that they have triumped in their
      takeover of the great company computalog.Congratulations
      to the shareholders of both companies as well as to
      the staff.Yours Truly.Truthsky.

    • Nice growth strategy - not many stocks earn the
      1.00 rating.

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    • PDS announces purchase agreement with Computalog........!

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