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  • manboking manboking Mar 29, 1999 12:26 PM Flag

    Trend Positive now

    On 3/26/99 PDS broke a double top (point and
    figure) chart trend, most likely scenario is
    The trend is now positive and accumulation of the
    stock at this price should prove very
    Good luck to all on this message board that have
    endure a long dry spell.

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    • Next Resistance on the point and figure chart is
      at 20.00,
      the trend continues to be positive.

      Need volume now to break-out of the 15.00 price (today
      should tell the story).
      PDS is now the leader in
      "Under Balanced Drilling Technology", this method of
      drilling will impact the drilling of matured areas, where
      pressures are low, and reservoir damage important.

      Subsequently to this cutting-edge technology the
      Price/Earnings ratio afforded to PDS shoud now beging to expand,
      to the high side of the historical range.

      • 2 Replies to manboking
      • YESSSSSS.....finally we are getting good volume,
        next resistance level at 20.00 with plenty of room on
        the upside. P/E now expanding, since this company is
        the leader in cutting edge drilling technology "Under
        Balanced Drilling", to minimize formation damage and to
        more effectivly produce in mature areas (where
        pressures are low). The neglected stocks with improving
        fundamentals such as PDS are making great moves. The days of
        gasoline for a buck-a-gallon are over except at "Wally
        World or Disney Land".

      • Appreciate your information. I don't know why
        there are so few messages on this board. I own a couple
        of other stocks, BNO is one, and there is only one
        or two posts a day. I also own HS and there is
        approx 80 posts per day, many of them questions and
        comments but there are some knowledgeable people that
        follow various charts and indicators. I do not
        understand why there are so few posts to this and BNO
        boards. Maybe people still don't like to talk about oil

    • Doesn't look like there's a lot of conviction
      among the sellers thus far today. Obviously there's a
      bit less among buyers... Chalk it up to a bit of good
      ole' fashioned profit-taking. This rally is still
      forreal, but if you bought PDS around $10, I guess I can't
      blame you for taking some chips off the table. I'm
      content to hang in there though. Hope you wished you had
      too a week from now...
      At 1:45pm est, Brent is up,
      and Light Sweet moved up to unchanged. The sector is
      down today, but I look for another late day move up in
      both crude and energy service stocks. I've been pretty
      accurate lately, let's see if I'm "on" today
      G'Luck to all longs!
      Dan :-)

    • Cygraham....try

      is possible I messed the first one

    • Test

    • Sorry for posting in fragments, but I have a
      question for manboking. You said that (in not the best
      grammer!) "The Computalog purchase when is approved should
      add more diversification to PDS," and "A healthy move
      Computalog purchase."

      You seem to be fairly
      knowledgeable about the Oil & Gas Service industry and the
      various companies involved. What arguments are behind
      your glorification of this transaction?

      Also, I
      am becoming weary of PD's debt position. I believe
      that Long term debt is around $289MM right now, and
      the acq. of Underbalanced Drilling and (maybe)
      Computalog would boost the debt up somewhat.

      I am
      eager to see PD's 4th Q results...they should be due
      any day now. Does anyone know the specific date
      and/or the revenue and EPS


    • A friend gave me this URL, that may be useful to
      you in helping obtain an opinion on

      Plug the symbol in the little box and click on
      will have a short, intermediate and long term
      PDS was the best that I have seen so far on all
      stocks I have checked.

    • Have no idea guy, other than there may be a third
      party involved, PDS is wanting to be able to offer turn
      contracts to win market share and Computalog
      fits nicely on those plans offering a total
      "from socks to joks",...LOL

    • Are you Confused?, or scared? and can not take
      the heat, my suggestion is get out of the
      Never meet any one that made money with scared money,
      and/or trying to second guess management.
      I'm a long
      term investor willing to assume the inherited risks
      and rewards that go with being a stockholder of
      Precision Drilling, and so far so good.

    • Reading between the lines from the recent
      conference call:
      (1). by next week the Computalog reply
      should be completed,
      (2). the future for PDS is tied
      to Under-balanced Drilling
      (3). its application
      (4). royalties from the Rotary Blow-out
      Preventor, from Varco
      (5). a purchase of a company in the
      U.S. and/or abroad,
      (6). further R.& D. on the Fine
      Particle Separator, etc.
      (7). currently 139 rigs being
      utilized out of 210 rigs

    • Earnings are meaningless at this point, they
      reflect the past historical slow-down of the industry the
      worst one in recorded history
      Markets always looks
      fowards at the year 2000 currently (six months ahead),
      knowing that the fortunes of drillers and other oil field
      service companies is very bright.
      Soon you will start
      seeing future earnings estimates revised upwards, proof
      of this can be found by the average individual when
      buying gasoline at the pumps.
      The nickel Coke,

      the dime candy bar,
      the quarter hamburger, and

      the buck a gallon for gasoline
      are all dead, like
      All gone to Wally World and DisneyLand.

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