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  • classact12001 classact12001 Dec 9, 2003 4:16 PM Flag

    The problem is ethical

    I will keep this short. Having known someone who started in the first Phoenix class and has risen through the ranks, I have to comment on the leadership in this company from the outside.

    It really makes me sick to think of all the families in Wooster that will have a miserable Christmas. They worked day in and day out to do their job while Joe and his leadership staff were busy living in corporate apartments, throwing "select member" wine dinners and parties til 2 in the morning everytime they get together.

    Joe talks about how they have to cut this and that while he and his cronies spend a ton on unethical things like this. It continues to go on and I just don't think it is right.

    I work for a company whose staff gets along great but they certainly don't spend money on things like parties and apartments and expensive flights because they don't want to live in the city they need to be during the work week.

    It's one thing to make smart business moves such as manufacturing moves but not when lavish spending is going on in these other areas. Its a combination of these moves that make my company perform so well for the street.

    No one person and their good B&D friends should be able to waste stockholder money on themselves and blame it on other people. It makes me sick to my stomach and I personally hate the leadership here.

    The problem is that my friend loves it. Because they are on the inside with the cronies, they get to take part in all this lavish spending that has gone on for 3 years.
    Its a simple matter of young people not knowing why their publically held company exists, and that is to make money for the shareholders which in turn makes money for them. These young people would rather party and think short term.

    The Kool-Aid reference is perfect and so true. Thes reason all these young folks have risen so much is because they aren't smart enough or are scared to question the authority or actually say no.

    God bless the families in Wooster and the city itself. The economy of small towns like this will just crumble due to the "SprawlMart" mentality. I wish you all the best.

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    • I agree with this surmisal.
      You know how JG and his cronies loves to give that BS speech about What if?
      Like what if we all had Joe's passion?
      What if we all worked 24 hours a day 7 days a week?
      What if we all sold our souls to Walmart for low profit margins and poorly made goods?

      You all know that speech...
      Anyway I have a new one...
      What if we stopped spending company money on first class flights and pricy hotels for executives?
      What if we didn't give JG 8 company planes to fly all over creation?
      What if we stopped spending tons of money on overpriced food at trendy restaurants?
      What if we stop buying what has to be millions of dollars a year on alcohol to help "reward" the employees (they would rather have their jobs)?
      What if we realized that no one is worth millions of dollars and put more of a cap on CEO's salaries?
      What if we realized that we have a responsibilty as American Citizens to breathe life into a business model that will not render our economy into oblivion by shipping jobs overseas?

      What if we just used some plain old common sense about things instead of letting our egos drive our decisions?

      Just a few what if's to choke down when you are thinking about the life that you have chosen to lead and the legacy that you have truly left behind:)

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      • What if more people were told to go to work and quit living off the government?
        What if more people were taken off disability that were to lazy to work?
        What if we started being responsible for our selves instead of the state/federal government?
        What if people would quit using the court system and lawyers to get wealthy?
        What if people quit blaming others for their own actions?
        What if lawyers had to produce something?
        What if politicians couldn't lie?
        What if people voted for what was best for the Country and not personal gain?
        What if the fat, lazy, trash, stopped buying at wal-mart so maybe jobs weren't going to China?
        Never happen, Wal-mart just shows that most people want the cheapest and the easiest. Why else would we sit by and let "One nation under God" be taken out of the Pledge of Allegance?

      • Does anybody see a pattern with this POS stock that resembles Ol' Chainsaw and his demolishing of Sunbeam?

    • nicely said.

      that wastefulness reminds me of a company I used to work for. I was responsible for setting up our accomodations for a business meeting with one of our unhappy customers, so trying to be a good corporate soldier I set us up at a Marriott. Upon arrival, the boss chews me out for NOT getting us rooms at the Ritz Carlton across the street.
      Today, that company teeters on bankruptcy.

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